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Using CRM to Create Relationships

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read
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A CRM that learns by doing.
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Where did you put that last batch of 100 aged leads? Hopefully, they are not lost in a spreadsheet on some miscellaneous computer in the office. They may be just prospects to you–leads to be passed around–but, to the smart business owner they are clients.

Chances are a large percentage of the sales leads in your pipeline (some studies say as high as 75%) will become someone’s buying clients in 6-12 months. Why would you let them become anyone else’s clients?

Aged Leads are More Than Disposable Lists

Hopefully, that little statistic awakens the competitor in you. Aged leads, as cheap as they are, should not be looked at as disposable spreadsheets. They should be looked at as future clients. If not now–sometime in the next several months. In fact you should be measuring exactly that.

Where and when do these leads convert?

Get Your Leads in a CRM

The first step in measuring and increasing you chances of conversion is getting them into a system. Take all of the leads you have floating around the office and get them into a centralized database or CRM–today! This is a very cheap investment for how much revenue it will yield you.


Add Value to Your Prospects

Now that they are in a CRM, start building a relationship. Most of these systems allow you to build mail merged direct mail pieces or manage email campaigns. These are the tools needed for communicating and adding value.

With very little effort you can begin demonstrating how valuable it is for them to work with you. You can give them simple tips on managing their debt, refinancing their home, or changes in market conditions that may make it a great time to buy a home.

Get that value system dripping on each of these “list customers.”

Give Them Great Experiences

Unlike most of your competitors (who have lost lists in abandoned desks and hard drives) your communication and connectivity to these customers is creating an experience. Make sure you are reinforcing your desire to help them when they are ready. Give them great experiences when they engage you. Make sure they are telling others about it and referring friends to you.

The first step is reaching each of these potential future clients–get those aged leads into a CRM!

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How to Use Aged Leads in Your Overall Sales and Marketing Plan
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