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What are Aged Leads?

In my line of business, I get two questions more than any other. And they always come as a pair: “What is an aged lead?” and “Why on earth would I want old insurance leads?” Both of these are fair questions, and they’re coming from people who are generally not familiar with aged leads and […]

How to Sell Insurance Policy Coverage to Customers

How an agent sells an insurance policy differs from how sales operate in just about all other categories. Think about other products and services — a car, a tech toy, a sandwich, a haircut — nearly every product or service can be seen, held, or touched. Not so with insurance. Here, you are selling peace […]

More Obamacare Exits, More Opportunities for Aged Health Insurance Leads

Obamacare continues to be plagued by carrier exits from the Marketplace. Come next Open Enrollment, aged health insurance leads are going to looking for affordable coverage and professional advice — by the tens or hundreds of thousands. It’s not a pleasant situation for American health care consumers, but it is a reality in today’s marketplace. […]

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