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We’d Call Our Leads Cheap…
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Browse, filter, and instantly download thousands of constantly-replenished, pre-validated, opt-in health insurance leads to find ideal sales prospects in your geographic location.

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Sellers and agents know: the quality of a lead makes a big difference in your ability to close a deal. Our Aged Leads represent real people who have been shopping in-market for quotes in your vertical recently.  With our advanced filters, how recently is up to you.

Maximize your gains with super-affordable Aged Leads from Aged Lead Store. For a fraction of the cost of real-time live leads, keep your sales pipeline packed with aged, pre-validated, opt-in responder leads from prospects looking for what you’re selling.

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Get the prospects you want and none of the junk! Sort by State, Age, Risk Type, Phone Type, Zip Code or how recently they’ve been searching for health insurance. Our filtering allows you to target just the leads you want, with a self-service platform and a small minimum order.

Aged Lead Store cares about our agents and their information. Credit card processing and lead distribution are handled in a secure, encrypted manner with no card storage. We also support agents with a wealth of resources and strategies to build a complete sales system.

“For 18 years, I’ve been selling Aged Leads to satisfied agents –  since before ‘aged web leads’ were even “a thing”. That’s a lot of deals closed, policies written, and money made. I’m proud to continue helping agents just like you set big goals, meet them – then set bigger ones.”

Troy Wilson
President, Aged Lead Store

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