About Us

Our mission is simple: Match legitimate financial services firms up with qualified, motivated prospects looking for financial help.

The Internet has made it so easy for customers to request information and Internet marketers are very efficient at collecting those requests. But then the process begins to breakdown with lots of leads being abandoned or underserved.

This is where lead brokers, like Next Wave Marketing Strategies (aka AgedLeadStore.com) are so valuable to the customers you want to talk to and lead buyers like yourself. We like to think of ourselves as the best friend
a quality lead ever had.

Getting You the Internet Leads You Need

Next Wave Marketing Strategies has been working hard for 19 years to fulfill our goal of building the largest, highest quality, and most diverse inventory of aged Internet leads available anywhere at a price allowing agents to onboard new clients to their agency for a much more affordable customer acquisition cost than they are accustomed to.

Delivering Excellent Aged Leads for Over 18 Years

Unlike many aged leads companies, we are not a faceless, fly-by-night company. Troy Wilson, our founder, and Captain has been operating Next Wave since 2001. Our company has been carefully matching reputable, performing lead providers with legitimate financial services firms for over 18 years.

We are proud of the earned reputation after 19 years that we bring to the market. Our superior lead value is represented in our high reorder rate, impressive testimonials and reviews, tons of referrals from our clients,
and A+ BBB rating since 2001.

Better Lead Value Through Better Technology

Our game-changing, big data, proprietary Evergreen technology and operation aggregates leads from top real-time lead vendors, puts them through an extensive quality control process and then lets you browse and select precisely the customers you can serve best. Our platform captures, validates, standardizes, enriches, and delivers leads and represents an excellent choice for any salesperson committed to maximizing sales.

We have a massive inventory of searchable Internet leads to 10 types and we are adding lots more monthly. These records are all consumer-initiated online requests for insurance, mortgage, etc.

Our passion for disruptive innovation, ongoing investment in trailblazing big data technology, best practices, integrity, and hard work over the last 18 years have made us the undisputed leader in the aged lead space and you can count on us to be here for you for many years to come.

We are a technology firm committed to providing you with the validated, evergreen leads and sales training know-how you need to consistently achieve a much higher ROI than you can expect from any other aged or real-time Internet leads, consumer data lists, or other forms of traditional offline or online marketing.

Plus, we go beyond just providing leads to ensure your sales success. Our weekly newsletter, as well as regular webinars, blog posts, and ebooks give you the tools, education, and systems to improve your success with our aged leads.