Sales Training

Top producers will tell you that sales performance is all about practice, practice, practice. Your sales training is the key to making the commissions you strive for an never having to worry about making your sales quota ever again.

The salespeople in the business are always learning. Aged Lead Store wants to be part of your continued sales training and improvement strategy.

Insurance Sales Lab Training Courses

Enroll in one or more of our training courses to learn how proven top agents are closing more deals each month.

Mastering the First 20 Seconds of a Sales Call

Mastering the first few seconds of a sales call and hurdling the most common opening objections is critical to getting more opportunities. Learn how to not get shut out of your initial call to a new prospect.

Master the first 20 seconds of a sales call and overcome common opening objections.

How to Sell Multiple Products on One Call

The secret to closing more deals each month is making the most of every sales call. One of the easiest ways to do this is to learn to effectively cross-sell and up-sell on a single call. In this course, learn to get more opportunities on every call.

Get more out of every sales call. Learn how to build value to get more cross-sell and up-sell opportunities on every sales call.

Asking for the Sale and Overcoming Closing Objections

Most salespeople have trouble asking for the sale. It’s can be especially hard for those that are really good at opening the conversation and building rapport. We get scared of ruining a good thing and getting the closing objections that are inevitable. In this course, we teach you how to ask for the sale with confidence and overcome those pesky closing objections.

Learn how to more confidently ask for the sale and overcome common closing objections.

Aged Leads: The Cheapest Way to Practice Your Sales Training

Practice makes perfect. The problem is many of us aren’t overflowing with prospects and the last thing we want to do is burn through our premium referrals or buy expensive Internet leads to get better.

Aged Leads is the ideal solution. For less than a dollar a lead and a couple of hundred dollars total, you can stock your CRM with hundreds of qualified Internet leads (actually the same ones that sell for $15-25 each as real-time leads). This will provide you with nearly unlimited opportunities to perfect your sales craft and probably make a lot of commissions along the way.

Learn More About Aged Leads

Aged leads is one of the secret weapons of many top producers and large call center sales operations. For a fraction of the cost of real-time Internet leads they get the same lead a few days later, and in many cases closer to buying the window for the customer. Learn what aged leads are and see if they fit into your sales strategy.

Browse, filter, and buy exactly the aged leads you want. Qualified Internet leads, just a little bit older, but MUCH cheaper.

How to Lower Client Acquisition Cost and Increase Total Sales at the Same Time

Can you lower the cost of marketing and customer acquisition AND increase your total sales revenue? It’s hard to believe, but many agents are doing just that with aged leads. Learn more about how this magical math works with one of the best-kept secrets in Internet lead buying.

Browse, filter, and buy exactly the aged leads you want. Qualified Internet leads, just a little bit older, but MUCH cheaper.

How to Fill a Team or Personal Sales Pipeline with Qualified Leads

Keeping your sales team, or maybe even yourself productive can be challenging when the cost of generating or buying leads is so high. Aged leads can be the solution to this age-old problem. For a few hundred dollars you could fill your whole team’s sales pipeline with qualified Internet leads.

Browse, filter, and buy exactly the aged leads you want. Qualified Internet leads, just a little bit older, but MUCH cheaper.

Get Ready to Execute Sales Plans

Where to start can be overwhelming. We’ve made it easy. By surveying and watching the successful agents in our customer-base we have developed ready to execute sales plans. Learn proven tactics and methods that our aged lead buyer are using to grow their businesses.

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