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Best online lead provider out there!

This is by far the best online lead provider out there! Very inexpensive leads.

Vlad C
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Highly recommend!

I’ve been working with Aged Lead Store for over a year now. Troy always answers when I call and responds quickly when I need help. He has been great to work with and their price is very competitive. Highly recommend!

Chad Carlisle
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I now rely on his service for the majority of new business.

Had the best experience when I started using Troy’s service for leads!  Troy is attentive if we ever need additional information.  I now rely on his service for the majority of new business.  Thanks Troy!

Blake Kelly
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Best aged leads

Best place to get aged leads.

Bill Rice
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Troy’s leads are affordable and even though we are using older leads the quality of the contact is very good. If the quality remains high we are going to be long term clients.

Ken Ward
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Excellent Service

Excellent Service. Will continue to use them for my lead source.

Today’s Affordable Life Insurance
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Andrea Robinson
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Medicare Supplement Leads: Everything You Need to Know

Medicare supplement — also known as Medicare supplement insurance or Medigap — is a type of health insurance plan.

It pays the difference between the medical expenses reimbursed to providers by original Medicare and the total allowable charges for those services.

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What are Medicare Supplement Leads?

Medicare supplement leads are exactly what they sound like.

These leads are individuals who are interested in purchasing a Medicare supplement insurance policy.

Every year — and sometimes more than once a year — seniors receive notice of an increase in their Medigap insurance. As a result, they search for a more affordable policy.

And that’s where you come into play.

If you’re licensed to sell Medicare supplement insurance policies, you can purchase leads to ensure that you’re connecting with interested consumers.

Why Should You Buy Medicare Supplement Leads?

There are many benefits of buying Medicare supplement insurance leads, including the following.

To save time

When you “cold prospect,” there’s a much greater chance of spending hours on end making phone calls that result in no interest. It’s a numbers game, and with that, you’re sure to waste a lot of time. But when you buy Medicare supplement leads, you know that the person on the other end of the conversation is interested in what you offer.

More targeted leads

When buying leads, you can narrow your search by criteria such as age, states, zip codes, and cell phone or landline. For example, if you only want to target consumers in the state where you do business, it’s easy to do so.

Quality control

As noted above, cold calling can eat up a lot of time in your schedule. Not to mention the fact that you’re often chasing low-quality leads. But when you buy Medicare supplement leads, they’re checked for quality before distribution. And if you run into a problem, you can request a refund from your provider.

Where to Buy Medicare Supplement Leads

It’s one thing to understand the benefits of buying Medicare supplement leads, but another thing entirely to know where to purchase them.

Aged Lead Store is a top online provider of Medicare supplement insurance leads.

  • Quantity and quality: Many online lead providers excel in one area but fall short in the other. Our goal is to provide agents with as many leads as they want, without compromising quality. All of our leads are cleansed and enhanced by our Evergreen Lead Optimization Technology to ensure high-quality, accurate data.
  • Fast and convenient: With instant lead retrieval, it only takes a few minutes to set up an account, place an order, and receive your leads.
  • Multiple filters: Don’t settle for just any Medicare supplement leads. Choose those that are highly targeted. Use filters including geography and consumer age range to target the appropriate audience.
  • Competitive pricing: Buying leads is one of the best ways to keep a full schedule, but you don’t want to spend more than your budget allows. We have three distinct types of leads to choose from: 15 to 85 days old, 86 to 365 days old, and 366 to 2,000 days old. The older the lead, the less money you’ll pay. Also, bulk discounts are available starting at 250 leads.

There’s one more reason to strongly consider our service — experience.

We’ve been selling leads for more than 19 years, allowing us to develop a repeatable process that helps our customers achieve success. We’ve maintained an A+ BBB rating over the years.

What Kinds of Medicare Supplement Leads are Available?

As noted above, we offer three types of Medicare supplement leads:

  • 15 to 85 days old
  • 86 to 365 days old
  • 366 to 2,000 days old

These leads are categorized by their age. Generally, the newer the lead the more valuable, which is reflected in the price.

With the ability to mix and match by age range, it’s easier to purchase the number of leads you need without breaking your budget.

How Much Do Medicare Supplement Leads Cost?

Two factors impact the cost of Medicare supplement leads at Aged Lead Store:

  1. Age
  2. Quantity purchased

Regardless of quantity, older leads are always more affordable than new leads. For example, you can purchase a lead in the “366 to 2,000 days old” range for $.20/lead. However, if you want to buy a lead in the “15 to 85 days old” range it’ll cost $1.50/lead.

The best way to save money is to purchase in bulk. Sticking with the example above, leads in the “15 to 85 days old” range with a quantity of “1 to 249” cost $1.50/lead. But as you buy more, all the way up to 25,000+ leads, the price decreases. You can purchase 25,000+ leads for $.40/lead.

How to Sell to Medicare Supplement Leads

Purchasing Medicare supplement leads is one of the best ways to keep your calendar full. But you want to do more than that. You want to sell as many policies as you can to these leads.

These tips can help you formulate a strategy:

  • Act fast: You’re not the only person reaching out to your leads, so you must act fast. In many cases, it’s the first person to touch base with a lead that wins the sale.
  • Don’t stop short: There will be times when you close a sale on the first call, but you shouldn’t expect this to happen. You may not even connect with a lead until you make several calls. Continue to reach out until you’re 100 percent sure that the lead is stale.
  • Take the next step: Once you hook the lead, it’s time to take the next step. Answer their questions, provide more information, and learn more about their timetable for making a purchase.

You can have the best sales strategy in the industry, but selling to Medicare supplement leads often comes down to one thing: quality.

At Aged Lead Store, our quality, selection, and pricing are second to none. When you work with us, you’ll have every opportunity to take your sales to the next level.

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Aged Lead Store leads have very few phone numbers on the federal DNC list, and our leads can be easily imported into most CRMS systems. In fact, our relationship with agents is so important to me, we will happily replace up to 20% cap on returns ANY leads that cannot, for whatever reason, be uploaded to your preferred system.

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