How to Get Clients for an Insurance Business

July 31, 2017
get clients

get clientsHow do you go about getting clients for your insurance business? There are lots of possibilities in today’s insurance marketplace for building an insurance book of business. Traditional sales tactics like cold calling can still be very effective for some agents, but newer methods are also available. In short, there are more possibilities now than ever.

Face-to-Face Networking

The oldest way to sell anything is with face-to-face human contact. No amount of technology will replace natural in-person sales networking because it’s just natural for people to do business with other people. Take advantage of this great opportunity wherever and whenever you find it. Always carry plenty of business cards with up-to-date contact information. Be prepared to introduce yourself, your business, and the benefits of your line of products and services with a very brief but effective elevator pitch.

Not everyone will be interested in your products or services, but you don’t know if you don’t ask. If the person you’re speaking with isn’t interested or already has insurance, ask if they know of anyone who’s in the market for coverage. You just might earn a new referral.

Cold Calling Small Businesses

Another old standby method is cold calling, particularly when it comes to small businesses in your local area. Small firms of 100 or fewer employees are often on the lookout for worker benefits products that are cost-effective and competitive with their competitors’ offerings.

When using this approach, do a bit of planning and research. Learn who is in charge of the employee benefits program and ask for them by name. It will get you much further with the company receptionist. And if you happen to find out the firm offers insurance through a competitor, prepare to make them a better deal.

Current Client Referrals

Referrals are another age-old method for getting new clients into your insurance book of business. Word-of-mouth recommendations can take you far in sales, and the golden opportunity is there for your loyal customers, who already like you and your services, to recommend their friends and associates.

The best referrals will come from clients who are satisfied and have given you their trust, so make sure you earn it. Always look for that opportunity to ask your clients for referrals, either regularly, once or twice a year, or when doing business over the phone or in person.

Online Marketing

A more modern tactic for gaining insurance business clients is online marketing. This is not so much a single tactic as a system of tools that work together to get leads in your sales funnel and nurture them to client status. A complete online marketing system could include a business web page, a series of lead magnet or landing page forms tailored to a particular insurance niche or customer profile, email marketing, particularly an automated lead-nurturing drip marketing email system, social media accounts or business pages on all the major platforms where your prospects are active, digital advertising via Google AdWords or Facebook Ads, as well as value-adding blog content.

With several of these tools put together, you’ll find you can build a fairly robust lead gen system and lead nurturing system that will be a big timesaver, thanks to the wonders of modern automation. New technologies can always be daunting, but the opportunity to reach real people who have expressed an interest in your products and services makes it worthwhile.

Buying Aged Leads

Another tactic for getting new clients in this modern age is to purchase a supply of aged leads. Every day, thousands of people request a quote for insurance online. Some leads, about 2 – 5%, will buy right away, often by the first agent they talk to. But what about the rest? About half of these thousands of leads will eventually buy, but many aren’t ready yet.

For those that buy these aged leads, discounted web leads that are 30, 60, or 90+ days old, the ROI can be very good with the right tools and system. Most agents, about 95%, in fact, give up on these leads after the first week. So aged leads put in a quote request, get hounded for a few days with sales calls, then ignored. They’re overwhelmed, and they might need more information, education, and sales nurturing to close. This is a great opportunity for the sales agents who know how to work these leads, and in fact, can be a great way to build a first book of business or grow your insurance business to the next level.

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