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Simple CRM Solution for Insurance & Mortgage Leads

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read
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Are you doing the right thing in your insurance business?

Are you tired of having to use different applications for your customer relationship management, or CRM, and your email? If switching back and forth has been an irritant to you, you will delighted with Streak.

Streak is an easy to use tool connected directly to your g-mail account. Supported by Google Cloud Platform, Streak allows you to create boxes where you can place all of the information pertinent to existing customers, Internet leads, mortgage leads, and projects.

The Pipeline Organizes the Boxes

Streak’s pipeline allows you to seamlessly manage your workflow. For instance, if one of your Internet leads is due for a contact, you can put the box pertinent to that lead in your “to do” pipeline. Once you have completed the contact and documented the results, the box can go into the pipeline for objects that are “done” or for objects that have additional actions pending in the future.

Better yet, Streak allows you to share your boxes and your pipelines with co-workers so that if you are ill or away on vacation, your office mates will have all the information they need to assist current clients and nurture prospects such as mortgage leads.

Schedule Emails

Another feature that Streak offers is the ability to compose an email at your convenience and schedule the day and time it will be sent to the recipient. This means you can pick a block of time, write all of your follow-up emails for the week or even the month, and schedule a unique day and time to send each one.

Snippets Save You Time and Energy

If you’re like most insurance or mortgage agents, you’ve probably found yourself typing the same welcoming phrases or the same answers to the same questions over and over. Streak saves you time by allowing you to type those familiar phrases, save them, and then access them with a single keystroke. This not only conserves your valuable minutes, it also ensures that your customers and prospects receive clear and consistent responses to their questions.

The more complicated your CRM software is, the greater the likelihood that clients and leads will slip through the cracks and not get their needs met. Using a tool like Streak allows you to simplify your customer relationship process and ensure that you meet the needs of each customer.

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