Perfecting the Elevator Pitch

I know most of you are pitching over the telephone or using Internet leads to generate business. However, I have always thought that the principles of an elevator pitch important for telesales people to master.

This skill gets a good conversation going and rarely feels like a hard sell.

Here are some great videos to help you perfect your elevator pitch and go from hard sell to good conversation:

This first one is Bob Bly. He is a million-dollar copywriter and makes his living pitching people on paper quickly. But, don’t miss the fact that I told you he was a million dollar a year copywriter. That means he is pitching Fortune 100 executive, some of the toughest nuts, on a daily basis.

This second on is by a guy who hosted a Canadian sales reality show on CBC–The Dragons’ Den.


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Do you use and elevator pitch? Tell me your secrets to a great elevator pitch in the comments below.

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