Insurance Cold Calling Scripts

Insurance Leads - Sales Script - NextWaveMarketingStrategies.comCold calling can be intimidating for even the most experienced sales people. Some agents avoid it altogether. Telemarketing, though, can be an important part of your sales plan, and you shouldn’t overlook it.

If calling insurance leads makes you anxious, one way to get past the fear is to use a telemarketing script. You can get a script in one of two ways. You can commission a freelance writer to produce a script unique to your agency, or you can go online and download any of the free scripts available. There are pros and cons to using a free script.

Pro: It’s Free

Hiring a copywriter to produce a cold calling script just for your agency may be cost-prohibitive, especially if your agency is a small one or has been hit hard by the economic recession. You can find free scripts on the internet that cover almost any type of calling from new insurance leads to aged leads.

Pro: It Can Help if You’re Tongue-Tied

Some agents get so nervous during a cold call that all thoughts of what they wanted to say vanish, and they are left fumbling for words. This is a painful experience for the agent. It doesn’t do much to enhance the confidence of your prospect, either. A free script can help a nervous agent get back on track, take control of the situation, and increase the likelihood of moving to the next step in the sales process.

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Con: A Free Script Isn’t Tailored to Your Agency

The free scripts that you find online have to be fairly generic so that a large number of agencies can use them. The problem with generic scripts, though, is that they don’t provide any opportunity for insurance leads to get any information about how the insurance plans offered by your firm are unique. Therefore, if you decide to use a free script, make sure to personalize it before using it.

Con: It May Sound “Canned” to Prospects

No one wants to answer the phone and have someone start reading to them. It certainly does nothing to make the prospect feel as if your agency is interested in his or her well-being specifically. A canned script can be especially annoying to aged leads, many of whom have already been mishandled or allowed to slip through the cracks. Practice your script like an actor practices his or her lines. Practice it until you know the material so well that you not only don’t have to read it, you can also give it a personal flair that will make prospects feel special.

Cold calling scripts can make your job easier and increase your chances of engaging a prospect, but only if you personalize them and practice them until you can present the material in a natural way.

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