Cold Calling, How to Make it Work

I know most think cold calling doesn’t work, but I watch clients succeed daily with good cold calling. Starting with a good list and working hard can be a combination for real success. Here are some key points to making it work for you:

Check Available Leads!

1. Use More than the Telephone: Most simply pound away at the phone. If you really want to make a connection with a person you need to take multiple paths. Use email, social media, and the phone. You will find many people have a preference, and increasingly it is not the phone.

2. Look for a Connection: Whether you are on the phone or looking at the lead profile–look for a connection. It could be a city, state, or maybe something from a quick Google search or social networking site. That quick hint of familiarity can make all the difference on a cold call.

3. Start with Email: I think email is one of the least intrusive ways to start a new relationship. They have a lot of flexibility to read and familiarize themselves with you, without being put on the spot. It also makes that first call feel a little more personal.

4. Use Your Voice: The voice is a powerful relationship builder. Talk with enthusiasm, but also listen with enthusiasm. Conveying interest and concern in your voice can bring the client closer to you, faster.

5. Follow-up: Here is my favorite theme. Successful sales and relationship building is a series of promises kept. That means even your cold calls need to be followed-up with a massive sense of urgency.

Check Available Leads!

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