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Most Mortgage Refinance Starts Online

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read
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Subprime Crisis No Barrier to Affordable Housing

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With mortgage rates hitting historic lows, more and more homeowners are choosing to refinance. This practice saves most people thousands of dollars over the life of their mortgage and can mean lower payments as well. People used to review countless Yellow Page listings, looking for a bank that was offering competitive mortgage rates. Alternatively, they might have scanned the business section of the local paper, hoping to spot a deal.

These days, most mortgage refinance starts online. The Internet has become the home branch of thousands of financial institutions, all of them competing to refinance mortgages at more attractive rates. Consumers are no longer bound to choose from local banks and other mortgage lenders in their hometown. Instead, homeowners can review offers from financial services companies from across the country, soliciting multiple quotes, and choosing the one that offers the most advantageous combination of rates, service, and accessibility.

With most mortgage refinance leads being located online, consumers can usually complete the entire process without ever leaving home. They can fill out applications and other forms online from the comfort of their own computer desk. These forms can even be signed and submitted electronically. Online mortgage refinance services are easy and efficient. Most feature a quick approval process and most refinance transactions performed in an online environment are completed within the stipulated deadline. It is this kind of rapid approval, combined with competitive rates, which are tempting consumers to abandon brick and mortar financial institutions for mortgage lenders they have only encountered in cyberspace.

This kind of competitive environment can only benefit consumers. With increased competition, mortgage lenders are forced to offer better and better rates as well as find ways to provide innovative customer service. However, it’s also true that some people merely use the Internet as a comparison shopping tool. They educate themselves about the different mortgage refinance products that are available on the market, comparing rates, services, terms, and fees before approaching their own financial institution about refinancing options. This only highlights the importance of banks and other mortgage lenders maintaining relevant and effective websites. The more accurate and detailed the data they provide on their websites is, the easier it is for the consumer’s questions to be answered conveniently. The more information a website contains, the more informed the consumer is, and the more likely they are to apply for a mortgage refinance that fits their budget.

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