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Aged Leads Evergreen Lead Optimization System

By Bill Rice
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⚠️ Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this article is accurate, neither its authors nor Aged Lead Store accepts responsibility for any errors or omissions. The content of this article is for general information only, and is not intended to constitute or be relied upon as legal advice.

If you’re currently using age leads in your sales system, what is the number one frustration?

Inaccurate, or more accurately “aged” data. It’s inherent in the product. It’s in the name.

As a consumer’s inquiry (i.e., the lead) ages, the data associated with that consumer also ages. The most important part of the lead – phone numbers and email addresses – people change all the time.

It’s always going to be a problem with aged leads. That is until now!

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The Aged Lead Store has developed a proprietary new technology that updates, enhances, and appends the most accurate data available on every consumer in our aged lead database. Moving us very close to our ultimate vision of “ageless” Internet leads.

But, before we dig into the details of this incredible new innovation in lead optimization, let me explain the components that make this system truly groundbreaking.

What are Aged Leads?

Aged leads are actually Internet leads – web form fills (i.e., consumer inquiries) that have been generated by real-time lead generation companies. In the industry, we call these publishers (website owners) and lead aggregators (companies that capture and sell leads).

These companies use a variety of online digital marketing techniques – SEO, PPC, social media, or any number of different marketing methodologies – to encourage a consumer to provide their contact information for the purpose of being contacted about a product.

This contact form fill is then sold as a real-time lead. This lead has enormous value because the consumer is ready to be contacted and gave you their current contact information. However, this lead and the data associated with it has a very short half-life.

The combination of high-intent and accurate contact information make a real-time Internet lead command a very high price point, between $15-35/lead, depending on your industry.

Unfortunately, buying real-time leads can be an untenable cost to to small broker and agent shops, but also to large call centers trying to keep their agents engaged in high-volume sales.

This is where aged leads come in. In a matter of days after that real-time lead is created, it’s no longer a real-time lead and the perception of its value drops to a fraction of the cost. Now, you can get the same lead – consumer with intent and contact data for dollars (or even cents) compared to tens of dollars.

Okay, now that you know everything about aged leads, let’s talk about the second component of our new Evergreen Lead optimization System.

Get Aged Internet Leads
Browse, Filter, and Buy Aged Internet Leads – Instantly!

What are National Consumer Databases?

There is another kind of consumer data that exist in the market – National Consumer Databases.

These are databases of consumer information that has been aggregated from a variety of different sources. These consumer records contain a whole list of characteristics and data elements associated with an individual consumer that far exceed what you could collect in an Internet lead.

There are of course names, phone numbers, and emails. But, these records also append in multiple phone numbers and email addresses (i.e., home and work) as well as income, credit, demographics, etc.

The advantage to these kinds of databases is that although you don’t get consumer intent, you get highly accurate and current information because of all of the data sources they aggregate.

National consumer databases often include data collection from:

  • Purchase transactions
  • Direct response databases
  • Surveys
  • Public record
  • Government sources
  • Websites
  • Credit files

So, that’s the second data component in our new Evergreen Lead Optimization System. Just one more thing to explain before we dive into the new system – typical lead optimization.

Get Aged Internet Leads
Browse, Filter, and Buy Aged Internet Leads – Instantly!

Typical Lead Optimization

Aged Lead Store has been around for 17 years and for most of that time we have been doing active lead optimization. However, up until now, this optimization has been constrained by the data and technology available to just ensuring that phone numbers and emails are valid, in the sense that they work, but not necessarily still used by that consumer.

People change and abandon phone numbers and emails all of the time. So, there’s still a high potential that there will be inaccuracy in the data. Again, by the nature of the fact that these are aging and consumers are going to change their contact preferences.

That’s typical lead optimization. Now, let’s go deep into what makes our proprietary Evergreen Lead Optimization System, which is currently in Beta, so revolutionary.

Proprietary Evergreen Lead Optimization System

Our new lead optimization technology combines our already unique and industry differentiating lead optimization system with a new enhanced Evergreen system.

By adding a high-quality, comprehensive national consumer database partner and proprietary cleaning and appending technology and algorithms, we’re able to cross reference our aged leads with all information that is available and relevant to that consumer record and then update and aggregate the lead record, regardless of age.

This new technology has been run and tested against all existing aged lead inventory. The optimization system will then continually run against the existing and all new aged lead inventory to ensure that the consumer information is as accurate as possible.

Get Aged Internet Leads
Browse, Filter, and Buy Aged Internet Leads – Instantly!

Benefits to You

In effect, all of our aged lead inventory becomes “ageless.” You will always be getting the most accurate data available on every consumer in your lead order.

There will still be inaccurate data – consumers change their preferences and even the best databases have errors – so don’t forget that Aged Lead Store has the most liberal return policy in the industry. You may replace up to 20% of your order, for inaccurate data.

We always want to make sure that we’re delivering the best product possible to you.

Another big benefit of this new Evergreen system is that you can be confident in using that data for a variety of other marketing campaigns – direct mail, Facebook custom audiences, emailing marketing, and anything else your creative marketing mind can imagine.

That’s all great, but the biggest benefit and the one we think you’ll be the most excited about is that we’re doing all of this and the price is the same.

You’re now getting an essentially “ageless” lead, equivalent to a real-time lead (minus the current intent) at still a 10th of the cost!

Hopefully, you can see the incredible value in our new Evergreen Lead Optimization System. It’s just one more example how the Age Lead Store is always working to give you the very best product. No other lead or data provider works as hard to ensure your success in contacting and selling to these consumers.

And our service never stops at the leads. We also work hard to help with sales tips and tricks that will make your sales process more effective in converting this unique lead type.

Make sure that you check out our sales training programs and subscribe to our YouTube channel for all of the latest training and tips.To this end, our service never just stops at the leads we also work hard to help you with sales tips and tricks that will make your process more effective against this unique lead type. Make sure you check out our Sales Training programs and subscribe to our Youtube channel.

Get Aged Internet Leads
Browse, Filter, and Buy Aged Internet Leads – Instantly!

Photo by Tobias Fischer on Unsplash

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