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4 Mortgage Loan Marketing Tips

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read
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Subprime Crisis No Barrier to Affordable Housing

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These mortgage loan marketing strategies do not require a great deal of work, but the amount of payoff that you can receive for them is quite drastic.

1. Put a headline on all of you written media, whether it is posted online or it is printed in ink. This includes advertisements, greetings, and letters. The headline is what gets a reader’s attention. Without it, they are likely to simply ignore your message. The reason for this is fairly straightforward. They don’t want to read it because they don’t know what it’s about. Most people are just as busy as you are, if not more. They don’t want to waste their time reading something if they don’t know that it will be useful to them.

2. Anytime that you do something for a client, you should not be afraid to get a little boastful about it. If it took some negotiating in order to get a loan approved, don’t send a message to your client saying something boring like, “You loan was approved today.” Send them a short story about how you had to fight for them in order to get the loan approved. Customers want to know that you are actually providing a service for them. Don’t get arrogant about it, but anytime you do something for a customer, they should know it. They will have more respect for your mortgage loan marketing skills.

3. Make sure that you are sending thanks to at least one person everyday. It you aren’t doing this, you will be shocked at how much more success you will experience when you start sending out thank you notes. Don’t just send thank you notes to people that you think will earn you money. Send them out to everybody. Anybody who does something for you that you really should be appreciating in the first place, send them a note to thank them. In some cases, this can really make somebody’s day. Mortgage loan marketing becomes much easier when everybody respects you, and the amount of respect you will earn for such a small amount of work is immense.

4. If you have a receptionist answer the phone for you, have them tell callers that you are working with a client and that they will see if you can get in touch with them. This says a couple of things. It sends the message that you are busy, and clients want to know that you are busy working for them. In addition to this, if you take the time to communicate with them, it sends the message that the client is important to you. This makes them feel that they are getting the attention that they deserve, which is a major contributing factor mortgage loan marketing.

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