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Using Buyer Intent to Personalize the Sales Experience

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Using Buyer Intent to Personalize the Sales Experience Feature Image
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⚠️ Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this article is accurate, neither its authors nor Aged Lead Store accepts responsibility for any errors or omissions. The content of this article is for general information only, and is not intended to constitute or be relied upon as legal advice.

Ever wondered why some of your sales pitches have hit the jackpot and others flopped?

The secret lies in how well you know your prospects before cold-calling them. For those in the trenches of selling mortgages, life insurance, and other big-ticket commitments like home renovations or solar installation—understanding your lead’s sales readiness makes all the difference between “no thank you” and “please tell me more.”

This is where your buyer intent data comes into play.

It’s not just any data; it’s a snapshot of potential customers’ actions that signal they’re ready to make a decision, whether they’re homeowners looking to refinance or new parents considering life insurance.

Curious how you can turn a cold call into a closed deal with just a few data points? Keep reading and dive into the art of personalization through buyer intent data.

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What is buyer intent data?

Let’s break down buyer intent data: it’s the details—such as name, zip, email, type of insurance, smoker status, you name it—that come bundled with each lead.

Think of the buyer intent data as a report that equips you, the savvy salesperson, to almost read your prospects’ minds before you even make that first cold call or shoot off that initial email or text message.

It’s like having insider info on what makes your potential customer tick.

Indicators of buyer intent shown in this data

  • Basic info: The essentials like name and contact details set the stage.
  • Geographical data: Knowing the zip code can inform you about regional buying trends or local preferences. Maybe it’s a high flood area—boom, tailor that insurance pitch.
  • Personal details: Information like age or smoker status can drastically alter the approach for life or health insurance leads.
  • Specifics on needs: The type of insurance they’re peeking at or the car they drive can tell you much about what offers might tickle their fancy.

Real-life examples of buyer intent data

Let’s review some real-life examples of interactions based on solid intent data.

Mortgage leads:

  • Scenario: Your lead hails from ZIP 90210. This isn’t just any ZIP code. It’s prime real estate territory, indicating high-end property interests.
  • Example move: “Navigating the Beverly Hills market? Let’s discuss refinancing options catering to your property’s exclusivity and value. Premium solutions are just a conversation away.”

Auto insurance leads:

  • Scenario: The lead’s car information shows a freshly leased luxury vehicle, like a Tesla Model X.
  • Example move: “Driving a Tesla, I see—fantastic choice! Let’s discuss comprehensive insurance plans that protect your investment and match your car’s innovation and value.”

Life insurance leads:

  • Scenario: A lead form reveals the customer just welcomed a new baby into the family.
  • Example move: “Congratulations on your new family member! Let’s secure their future with a life insurance plan that grows with your family, offering educational benefits to long-term security.”

Health insurance leads:

  • Scenario: The lead indicates recent significant health changes, possibly hinting at new medical needs or conditions.
  • Example move: “Health updates can be a lot to handle, and choosing the right plan is crucial. Let’s explore options that provide comprehensive coverage tailored to your new circumstances.”

Medicare supplement leads:

  • Scenario: The lead is approaching their 65th birthday, a key time for Medicare eligibility discussions.
  • Example move: “With a milestone birthday on the horizon, now’s the perfect time to enhance your Medicare with supplements that cover all your needs. Let’s dive into the details and pick the best for you.”

Homeowners insurance leads:

  • Scenario: The lead resides in a region frequently affected by natural disasters like hurricanes or floods.
  • Example move: “Looks like your area has seen its fair share of weather challenges. Let’s ensure your home is fortified with insurance that covers you against the elements, from flood protection to emergency repairs.”
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Personalizing cold calls and emails using buyer intent

Let’s explore the art of personalized cold calls and emails using buyer intent data from your leads.

Instead of firing off a barrage of generic messages and hoping something sticks (it won’t), let’s use smart, data-driven engagement that makes each phone call feel personalized.

Use your consumer intent data to transform a dreaded cold call into a warm welcome.

Reference specific details in your opening

  • Approach: Use the specific details you have to make an immediate connection. If you know the prospect’s name and location and that they’ve inquired about life insurance make your opening line count.
  • Script example: “Hello [Name], I see you’re exploring life insurance options in [City/State]. I’ve helped many residents there find coverage that meets their unique needs and fits perfectly into their lifestyle. Let’s talk about what you’re looking for.”

Personalized offers to match lead data

  • Approach: Adjust your offers based on the details you know. For instance, personalize your offer accordingly if you have data suggesting a lead is interested in solar installation and knows their zip code is in a high-sunlight area.
  • Script example: “With the amount of sun [Location] gets, you could significantly reduce your energy bills. I can offer you a personalized estimate based on recent installations we’ve done in your area. Are you interested in seeing how much you could save?”

Use known preferences to build rapport

  • Approach: If the buyer intent data includes personal preferences or concerns, such as a preference for eco-friendly products or concerns about policy costs, use this to steer the conversation.
  • Script example: “I understand keeping costs manageable is a big concern for you. I’ve got some budget-friendly options for [Specific Insurance Type] that you might appreciate. We can go over your coverage essentials without overshooting your budget.”

Acknowledge and address their current situation

  • Approach: If the data includes specific life situations, such as having a new baby or buying a new home, acknowledge this change and suggest relevant modifications or enhancements to their plans.
  • Script example: “Congrats on the new home! It’s a great time to revisit your homeowners’ insurance to ensure your new investment is fully protected. I can guide you through tailor-made options that provide extra peace of mind.”

Buyer intent data in action: more examples and scripts to improve sales goals

Let’s look at more examples of using buyer intent data from Aged Lead Store to meet your sales targets and smash them. We’re talking the actual talk, walking you through how to make sense of every ounce of this data like a pro.

Here’s a play-by-play on using intent data from various lead types to personalize your sales outreach for better results.

Mortgage leads

  • Scenario: A prospective refinance client is looking at rates in their area.
  • Script example: “Hi [Name], I noticed you’re exploring refinancing options in [Area]. With rates as they are now, I can help you lock in a lower rate that could significantly reduce your monthly payments. Let’s discuss how this could work for your current mortgage situation.”

Solar installation leads

  • Scenario: A homeowner in a high-sunlight area has been returning to pages about solar tax credits.
  • Script example: “Hello [Name], I see you’ve been checking out solar solutions that could cut down your utility bills, especially with the tax credits available in [Area]. Can we schedule a time to review how these benefits could be maximized for your home?”

Life insurance leads

  • Scenario: The prospect has recently added a new baby to their family.
  • Script example: “Congratulations on the new addition to your family, [Name]! It’s a great time to review your life insurance to ensure it’s keeping pace with your growing family’s needs. Let’s talk about a plan that offers the coverage and peace of mind you deserve.”

Health insurance leads

  • Scenario: A prospect has been comparing health plans and adding supplemental options like dental and vision.
  • Script example: “Hi [Name], you prioritize health coverage with some added benefits. I can help you find a plan that covers all bases—from your medical to dental and vision needs. How about we dive into your options?”

Auto insurance leads

  • Scenario: A prospect owns a high-end vehicle and reviews policies offering premium coverage.
  • Script example: “Hi [Name], protecting your [Car Model] is crucial, and with the right insurance, you can drive stress-free. Let’s explore top-tier coverage options as premium as your vehicle.”

Medicare supplement leads

  • Scenario: An individual approaching eligibility is researching different supplement plans.
  • Script example: “Hello [Name], approaching your Medicare eligibility can raise many questions. I can help you sift through the Medicare supplement options to find one that fits seamlessly into your healthcare strategy.”
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Smart tools for automating and analyzing better buyer intent insights

When you purchase a bulk batch of leads from Aged Lead Store, you’re getting more than names and email addresses—you’re also getting the treasure trove of buyer intent data.

But let’s get real: manually managing hundreds to thousands of leads is daunting and downright impractical. Here’s where smart tools like CRM systems, email marketing, and AI come into play to make your life much easier.

CRMs and AI at work

Advanced CRM systems don’t just store contact info. They automate follow-ups, segment leads based on their data (like zip codes or insurance types), and can even score your leads based on their engagement and sales-readiness.

Pair this with an AI tool that analyzes past interactions (many CRMs have AI-lead scoring built-in now), and you can start to predict customer needs with scary accuracy.

Examples of smart automation tools

CRMs like Salesforce or HubSpot offer features like lead scoring and automated marketing pathways.

And don’t forget tools like auto-dialers to streamline those call campaigns. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility—always ensure you comply with legal standards around customer contact, which leads us to our next section.

Ethical use of buyer intent data and legal guidelines

Listen up because this section could save you thousands of fees and penalties. Playing nice with buyer intent data isn’t just nice—it’s a legal requirement.

The stakes have gotten even higher with the FCC’s new crackdown on robocalls, especially those using AI-generated voices.

Nobody wants to be labeled a spammer. Practices like obtaining explicit consent, ensuring data accuracy, and respecting privacy are more than just avoiding fines; they are about creating long-term customer relationships.

Key Legal Updates:

  • FCC Ruling on AI voices: As of February 8, 2024, the FCC has banned using AI-generated voices in robocalls under the TCPA. Using such tech can land you fines of up to $23,000 per call.
  • Crackdown on robocalls: The FCC is not messing around. They’ve ramped up their game against illegal robocalls by enabling harsher enforcement actions and empowering state attorneys general with new tools to combat misuse.

How to stay compliant:

  • Ditch the auto-dialer (Maybe): Depending on where you operate, using an auto-dialer might now be a legal minefield. Before deploying any automated calling technology, double-check compliance with the latest FCC regulations.
  • Transparent opt-out options: Every marketing call or prerecorded message should include a straightforward way for recipients to opt out of future communications. Clear, easy opt-out mechanisms are not just good ethics—they’re a legal cushion.

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