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Proven Text Messaging Scripts for Internet Leads

By Chris Bibey
Proven Text Messaging Scripts for Internet Leads Feature Image
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Go back in time 10 or more years and text message marketing was the furthest thing from your mind.

However, with each passing year, a growing number of agents and brokers are using text messaging as a primary form of communication.

Here are some statistics that’ll blow your mind:

  • Americans send approximately 26 billion text messages every day. (SimpleTexting)
  • 56% of organizations say their mobile messaging apps perform well for improving customer engagement. (MessageDesk)
  • 39% of businesses are using text messaging to communicate with customers. (Postscript)

With all of this in mind, it’s easy to see why text messaging is one of the best ways to communicate with internet leads. 

Why Text Messaging is So Important in Sales

There’s no shortage of ways to communicate with leads, but text messaging is quickly becoming a preferred sales tool thanks to benefits such as:

  • Convenience: Your prospects are busy, so your job is to find the fastest and most efficient way to communicate with them. Text messaging definitely fits the bill, allowing them to read and respond to your messages when they can’t make time for a phone call or dig through their emails.
  • Immediate delivery: There’s no lag time between when you send a text and when a prospect receives it. Within 3 minutes 95% of texts are read and 45% of texts receive a response.
  • Streamlined communication: By keeping the majority of your communications in one simple place, like a text message thread, you’re able to remain more organized. This thread may also make it easier for your lead to remember who you are and to reach you. 
  • Higher read rates than email: Studies show that text messaging read rates are somewhere in the 98% range, with email sitting at 20%. Enough said. 
  • Easy to communicate from anywhere: Most people carry their smartphone everywhere they go (even the bathroom). This allows you to communicate with prospects no matter where they are or what they’re doing. 

The Right and Wrong Way to Text Message

There’s a big difference between texting an internet lead and texting your spouse or close friend. It’s a different, more formal relationship, so you can’t take the same approach.


  • Only text during business hours
  • Maintain an approachable and courteous tone
  • Respond promptly
  • Give leads the opportunity to opt-out


  • Don’t send too many messages
  • Don’t use language that’s easy to misunderstand
  • Don’t use texting in place of all other forms of communication
  • Don’t text from an unfamiliar phone number

Some Compliance Details to Keep in Mind

Before you get started with business text messaging, it’s important to first become familiar with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Here are some things to keep in mind as you formulate your texting strategy:

  • Send a call to action message giving the recipient the option to opt-in for future communication.
  • Your first message to new contacts must be a confirmation message.

Remember, it’s best to err on the side of caution. Consult an attorney if you have any questions about whether your sales tactics are compliant with the TCPA. 

Initial Outreach Text

This is your first communication with a lead (as long as you’ve received express written consent). 

It should be clear, concise, and actionable. 

Hi, it’s {{user_first_name}} hope you’re having a great {{today_day}}. I wanted to see if you’re still interested in learning more about our {{your offer}}. When you have a moment please call/text me! 

Hey, this is {{user_first_name}} at {{company name}}. Let’s connect soon to discuss your {{your offer}}. Would you rather jump on a call or continue to text?

Follow-Up Text

These text messaging scripts come in handy when following up with a lead after a previous conversation, such as a phone call.

The goal is to engage the lead and maintain momentum. 

{{contact_first_name}} are you available on {{in_2_days}} at {{contact_in_30 min}} for a call? Let me know 🙂

{{contact_first_name}}, just following up on our last {{call or email}}. Do you still want to chat about {{your offer}}? Let me know! 

Virtual (Zoom) Meeting Reminder and Missed Meeting Text

If you’ve scheduled a virtual meeting with a prospect, these scripts act as a good reminder. This improves the likelihood of the person showing up at the scheduled time.

Also, if a prospect misses a meeting, you can send a text in an attempt to re-engage them. 

{{contact_first_name}} just sending a quick reminder about our Zoom meeting at {{time}}. Talk to you then!

{{contact_first_name}}, sorry we didn’t have the chance to connect earlier. Is there a time that works better for you in the near future? My schedule is open! 

Next Steps / Follow-up

Don’t be surprised if you have to follow-up several times before getting a prospect on the phone. Doing so via text increases the likelihood of the person receiving it and responding in a timely manner. 

FYI, just following up on the form you filled out online a while back. Happy to help!

{{contact_first_name}}, do you still want to talk about {{your offer}}? I have time today or tomorrow, all day, if you’re available. 😃

Long-Term Nurturing

Fast sales are desired, but they’re few and far between. Long-term nurturing is a must, and with text messages, you can maintain contact over several weeks, months, or even longer.

What did you think of the PDF I emailed you?

Did you have a chance to watch the video we talked about?

Hello, 😃  I’d love to catch up. But, if you’re not ready or still researching, check out this resource explaining {{product_benefit}}: {{website_video_url}}.

Final Thoughts 

With these text messaging scripts, you have exactly what you need to contact, engage, and sell — regardless of the stage of the lead.

As you gain more experience, you’ll come to find what works and what doesn’t. From there, you can tweak your approach for even better results in the future! 

Need some leads to try your text message scripts with? Head over to the Aged Lead Store to get started with affordable leads today.

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