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Maximizing Solar Sales with High-Quality Consumer Intent Data

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By Aged Lead Store
Maximizing Solar Sales with High-Quality Consumer Intent Data Feature Image
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Are you a solar sales consultant or sales representative? Have you considered working with aged solar installation leads?

Sure, fresh solar leads have their appeal. Still, aged solar leads offer a unique advantage—they’re significantly cheaper, sometimes just one-tenth the cost of new leads, yet still ripe and workable with potential if approached correctly.

Browse qualified solar consumer intent data.

The consumer intent data that comes with every aged solar lead

Consumer intent data goes beyond basic contact information; it includes detailed insights crucial for personalizing sales approaches. For solar sales professionals, this data includes:

  • Name
  • Phone number and email address
  • Address: Useful for assessing geographic and local solar incentives.
  • Current electricity bill: Indicates potential savings and financial motivation.
  • Amount of shade: Helps in assessing the feasibility of solar panel installations.
  • Lead inquiry date and time: Provides context on how warm or cold the lead might be.

Quick tips for maximizing intent data with aged solar leads

When approached with these insights, aged solar leads can turn your highly affordable leads and intent data into valuable opportunities.

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Remember, solar leads age well, so even if these leads were generated months ago, the odds are these people are still considering solar panel installation.


  • Script example for high electricity bills: “Hello [Name], I noticed your monthly electricity bill averages over $200. With our solar solutions, many of our clients in [City/Neighborhood] reduce their bills by up to 50%. Can we discuss how you might benefit as well?”
  • Use CRM tools like HubSpot or Salesforce to automate and track personalized messaging based on consumer intent data.


  • Action tip: Schedule follow-ups or initial contacts during peak electricity usage months. For instance, reaching out in early summer when air conditioning costs spike can create urgency.
  • Use marketing automation tools like Marketo to trigger emails and reminders based on specific lead generation timings noted in your CRM.

Follow-up Techniques:

  • Re-engagement script for cold leads: “Hi [Name], a few months ago, you showed interest in solar solutions. We’ve introduced new financing options that make going solar even more affordable. Would you be open to an updated quote?”
  • Implement a systematic follow-up strategy with tools like Mailchimp for email sequences that are triggered based on the age of the lead or previous interaction dates.

Use solar installation intent data effectively

Here are a few tips on effectively using intent data to convert leads:

  • Segmentation: Use the detailed intent data to segment your leads into categories, such as high-energy users, homes suitable for installation, and those in high-sunlight areas. This allows for more targeted marketing and higher conversion rates.
  • Value propositions: Personalize your pitches to the potential savings and other benefits relevant to the lead’s data, like increasing home value or contributing to environmental sustainability.
  • Educational outreach: Based on the lead’s profile, send educational content that addresses common concerns or questions they might have, using platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook for targeted content distribution.

Purchase bulk consumer intent data from Aged Lead Store

Today, dive into our pre-validated, high-quality aged solar leads and bulk consumer intent data.

Contact Troy at (949) 506-4481 or browse our collection to transform leads into sales now!

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