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Buying Solar Leads: Everything You Need to Know

By Chris Bibey
Buying Solar Leads: Everything You Need to Know Feature Image
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⚠️ Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this article is accurate, neither its authors nor Aged Lead Store accepts responsibility for any errors or omissions. The content of this article is for general information only, and is not intended to constitute or be relied upon as legal advice.

The solar industry is a thriving market expected to gain enormous market share in the decades to come. Solar panel installation is in high demand, and there are no signs of this slowing down in the near future. It’s a great time to buy solar leads.

Government incentive programs, such as the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), and more affordable solar panel technology are motivating more customers to switch to solar power.

But where to find these solar leads?

Purchasing solar panels is a long-buying process for consumers. Buyers often spend months researching the right option before they’re ready to buy.

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Since there’s no rush, you’re more likely to get a higher return on investment (ROI) when you buy solar leads than spending top dollar on real-time leads.

Browse discounted aged solar leads. 

What are solar leads?

Solar leads, like other leads, are traditionally generated from landing pages, radio ads, TV commercials, or anywhere else by buyers who are interested in switching to solar power. 

Companies that generate solar leads may focus on the first 24 to 48 hours to sell the leads to solar salespeople as “live” or real-time leads. 

If the leads don’t sell, they become “aged” and will instead be sold at a discount rate. This is a great opportunity for salespeople looking to buy cheap leads in bulk.

Aged leads are typically sold by their age, whether they are 30, 60, or 90-day-old leads, for example. These leads may have already been sold to other companies, but still offer tremendous value to your company as long as they are workable.

Why you should buy solar leads

A pipeline of leads is essential. But generating your own leads through Google AdWord campaigns and content creation is likely to be as expensive as purchasing existing leads, plus it’s more work.

Unlike mortgage leads, which are more time-sensitive, solar leads age better because solar panels are often more of a want than a necessity.

It’s likely that people interested in learning more about solar panels want to make the right choice and still haven’t made a decision, even months later. For this reason, it makes sense to purchase aged solar leads over real-time leads.

Why else would you buy aged solar leads? 

1. Increase efficiency

One of the most significant advantages of buying solar leads is the boost in efficiency. 

Instead of spending countless hours scouring for potential customers, you’ll have a ready list of prospects who have already shown interest in solar installations. 

This means you can dedicate more time to engaging these leads, crafting personalized pitches, and closing sales. By buying solar leads, you effectively streamline your sales funnel, improving your overall productivity.

Efficiency and productivity are game changers in the sales world. 

2. Higher conversion rates

Leads that you purchase from reliable sources are typically pre-qualified, which means they’ve expressed interest in or sought information about solar energy. They are more likely to convert than cold leads, leading to higher conversion rates. 

Remember, it’s not about the quantity of leads; it’s about the quality. When you purchase aged leads, you have the opportunity to win in both of these areas. That combination will work in your favor. 

Ready-to-Close Solar Installation Leads

Solar Installation

$ 0.40
Per Lead 30-85 Days Old
Buy Solar Installation Leads

3. Expand your reach

Purchasing solar leads can help you tap into markets or regions you may have struggled to reach on your own. Lead generation companies often have extensive networks and sophisticated tools to reach a broad range of potential customers. 

By purchasing solar leads, you can leverage their capabilities to expand your business’s reach, potentially leading to more sales and growth.

A common example is a solar sales professional who wants to move outside of their home market. Perhaps this is someone who sells primarily in Orlando, Florida but wants to make more connections in Jacksonville, Florida. 

With the ability to purchase leads in targeted regions, breaking into new markets is a more streamlined process. 

4. Predictability in the sales cycle

Purchasing solar leads also adds a level of predictability to your sales cycle. Having a steady stream of leads can make it easier to forecast your sales and plan your business strategies accordingly. 

This predictability can be beneficial in managing resources, setting realistic targets, and measuring the effectiveness of your sales efforts. And that’s especially true if you plan on purchasing leads for more than one salesperson. 

5. Cost-effective

While there’s an upfront cost associated with buying solar leads, it’s often more cost-effective in the long run. Think about the resources you’d spend on wide-reaching marketing campaigns or the man-hours dedicated to prospecting. 

Purchasing sales-ready leads can offer a better return on investment, as it allows you to directly target individuals already interested in your offering.

Tip: carefully track how much you spend on solar leads and your return on investment (ROI). 

Where to buy solar leads

Aged Lead Store offers an easily searchable, validated resource.

Salespeople to filter leads by lead type, state, ZIP code, and landline or cell phone. 

All leads are downloaded in CSV format and include phone number(s), email(s), postal address, and other information such as date of birth, car, info, etc., depending on the lead type. 

Once salespeople download their CSV, this information can easily be integrated into CRMs to start the sales funnel.

One of your primary objectives is to find a quality source for purchasing solar leads. 

With ALS at your disposal, you’ll never again find yourself without leads. You can always purchase what you need to ensure that your sales pipeline remains full. This is a game-changer. 

What kinds of solar leads are available to buy?

Solar leads are often sold in different lead types, which are determined by the age of the lead. 

Aged Lead Store categorizes leads by age: 

  • 30 to 85 days
  • 86 to 365 days 
  • 366 to 2000 days (landlines only)

Leads are purchased in bulk, ranging from 1 to 249 leads for small companies and individual salespeople, to purchasing 25,000+ leads for large enterprises.

How much do solar leads cost?

Solar lead prices vary by company and are frequently subject to change. Stay current with what’s being offered so that you purchase the leads best suited to your sales style and target audience. 

Real-time leads are always going to be drastically more expensive than aged leads, with some websites offering rates between $15 to $79 per lead. 

Aged Lead Store offers affordable pricing for purchasing bulk aged leads:

  • $1.50 per lead 30 to 85 days old for 1 to 249 leads
    • $1.20 each when you buy 250 to 999 leads
  • $0.40 per lead 86 to 365 days old for 1 to 999 leads
  • $0.25 per lead 366 to 2000 days old (with landline) for 1 to 999 leads

Experiment with various quantities to determine which best suits your sales schedule and budget. 

How to sell to solar leads

Once you have the lead it’s time to start calling and emailing. 

Selling solar is different from selling mortgages and insurance, it’s still a relatively new technology and your buyer might only have a limited knowledge of how a solar power system works. 

Before you give them a complete rundown on how solar power works, find out what your buyer’s concerns are, is it to save money on power? To help the environment? To go off-grid?

Your buyers’ are likely aware that solar power systems are expensive and take a while to pay for themselves. Be sure to educate them on how solar will save them money down the road, and how it greatly benefits the environment. 

You should not only have a great understanding of solar technology but also know the ins and outs of solar rebates and incentive programs. Remember, you’re not just the solar expert, you’re also the incentives expert.

Use your expertise to build trust with your prospective buyer, and always be honest with them. Be sure to highlight how solar power will solve their problems based on your conversation with them.

Get started with aged solar leads.

Tips for closing more sales

Buying solar leads is essential to your long-term success, but it’s only one part of the equation. You must have a sound plan for turning prospects into paying customers.

1. Educate your customers

Many people still hold misconceptions about solar power. For instance, some may believe it’s too expensive or that it only works in areas with constant sunshine. 

Take the time to educate potential customers, explaining the long-term financial benefits and debunking common myths. Show them how solar energy can lead to significant utility savings over time, which often offsets the initial investment. 

Also, discuss potential incentives or tax credits they may be eligible for, and be transparent about the cost-effectiveness of solar energy. By equipping your clients with accurate knowledge, they’ll be more inclined to trust you and make the purchase.

It’s your responsibility to stay current with news, regulations, and other industry updates so that you can pass this information along to your target audience. 

2. Personalize your presentation

Your sales pitch should be as unique as each potential client. Do your homework and understand your client’s needs, wants, and concerns. 

Personalize your presentation to address these points, focusing on how solar energy can meet their specific requirements. 

  • Do they care about reducing their carbon footprint?
  • Are they mainly interested in potential cost savings? 
  • Do they have concerns about how solar panels are installed in their home? 
  • Do they know how it’ll impact their monthly electric bill?

Once you know what motivates them, you can tailor your approach accordingly. 

Personalizing your pitch demonstrates respect for their individuality and reinforces that your primary interest is meeting their needs.

3. Leverage customer testimonials and case studies

Prospective customers often value the experiences of others who’ve installed solar panels. Share testimonials, case studies, or even referral contacts from satisfied customers to add credibility to your sales pitch. 

A real-world example showing how solar energy benefited a similar client can make your offer more tangible. It’s one thing to explain the benefits in theory, but showing them in practice adds another level of persuasiveness.

You can never go wrong when you provide your audience with social proof. The more the better. 

4. Offer flexible financing options

The upfront cost of solar installations can be a significant hurdle for many potential clients. Offering flexible financing options can make solar power more accessible and enticing to a broader audience. 

In some cases, this could be the tipping point that leads a prospective client to become a confirmed buyer. It’s essential to explain these options clearly and ensure that the long-term savings outweigh the potential financial commitment.

Once again, this is all about educating your customer base. Don’t let a prospect walk away because they’re intimidated by the upfront cost of installing solar panels. 

5. Follow up and foster relationships

Don’t underestimate the power of a follow-up. After an initial meeting, reach out to your prospective clients to answer any lingering questions and address any concerns. 

Don’t make this follow-up purely about making the sale; rather, focus on building the relationship and offering value. 

Your goal should be to stay top-of-mind and become their go-to resource for solar power information. This relationship-building strategy can often lead to repeat business or referrals.

Transform your business with Aged Lead Store

Remember, it’ll take time for the majority of prospects to make up their mind. Continue to nurture your leads until they’re 100 percent confirmed to be a dead end. 

Aged Lead Store makes it simple for you to filter and buy instant, affordable, and high-quality leads that will transform your business forever. 

Easily browse thousands of aged solar leads.

About Chris Bibey

Chris Bibey is a freelance writer with 15+ years of experience in the insurance and finance industries. Clients include Sales Hacker, Outreach, Discover, PayChex, and Moran Insurance. He has also worked as Head of Sales for Verma Media.

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