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Using LinkedIn to Market to Your Aged Mortgage Leads

By Troy Wilson
6 minute read
⚠️ Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this article is accurate, neither its authors nor Aged Lead Store accepts responsibility for any errors or omissions. The content of this article is for general information only, and is not intended to constitute or be relied upon as legal advice.


Social media may not be your first choice for reaching out to aged mortgage leads, but the potential ROI is huge. LinkedIn gives you a platform to bring your products and services to qualified leads. Your online presence gives you the opportunity to earn trust and win sales.

When you first contact one of your aged mortgage leads, the top question on his mind might be:

Who is this guy? Why should I work with him for my mortgage insurance?

It’s a natural question. We all tend to be cautious with new online contacts. But your online presence can go a long way earning a potential aged mortgage lead’s trust and winning his business.

Because of the makeup of its membership, the professional social network LinkedIn stands out as a great social media marketing tool for your business needs.

The Value of LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t your typical social network. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, the demographics for LinkedIn’s 300 million members reveal an affluent and educated membership.

LinkedIn users also tend to be a professionally focused audience. They’re used to navigating to the site to find their business solutions. So it makes sense for you to use the platform to present yourself and your mortgage products in that light.

Setting Up Your Profile

Now you know who’s on LinkedIn — a good number of very likely mortgage products prospects. So you’ll want to be where your customers are, too.

Setting up your profile isn’t completely different to setting up a Facebook profile, but there are some important differences.

Profile Pic – LinkedIn members are fairly conservative when it comes to profile pics, so follow suit here. Choose something that conveys that professional image you want to project.

Headline & Industry – Sell yourself with a short, engaging headline and be sure to select your business industry. This helps prospects who search for you by name choose the right profile.

Self Summary – This is your main area to sell yourself. Some users go for a bullet point approach while others prefer a few short paragraphs. Either way, frame your professional career for readers and specify whether you’re looking for networking and/or business opportunities. You can mention a preferred method of contact if you wish. Choose your wording carefully as the right keywords could help you be found in member searches.

Experience – Since this isn’t a one page resume, users often get more detailed about their biggest accomplishments. Media is also welcome. PDFs, slide presentations, and web links can compliment your resume content.

Building a Network

Even more important than your own personal info, the next step is to start connecting with other LinkedIn users. Start with your industry contacts, peers, and thought leaders. These network connections also become part of your profile page, but you’ll have to reach out to make these sections shine.

Top Skills & Recommendations – Ask your connections, who hopefully know your abilities well enough to make a solid recommendation, to endorse your skills and write a glowing recommendation.

Groups – Join groups related to your field and your professional interests. These are visible to your profile visitors, so it pays to show you’re involved in your field.

Volunteer Experience & Causes – These details can lend you additional experience points and make connections for potential leads.

Education – Similarly, your education profile gives you professional credibility and may provide a connection for leads.

Posts – Adding to the conversation in your field shows passion, knowledge, and commitment. It can also help get you noticed by potential customers.

Extending Client Relationships to Online Platforms

The same client relationship building habits you practice in your other marketing and sales efforts can translate to online platforms like LinkedIn.

Confidence – You can project confidence, energy, and passion for your mortgage business online as easily as you can in person. Filling out your profile with work, education, volunteer, and professional interests goes a long way with customers.

Trust – Building trust can be even more crucial for relationships started online. There’s an inherent impersonal factor to online interaction that you’ll want to overcome with lots of connections to clients and peers, sincere recommendations from connections, and participation in industry discussions.

Results – Remember that parts of your LinkedIn profile work like a resume. You can use this to your advantage. Pepper your profile summary and experience sections with a few carefully selected facts about your biggest accomplishments.

Personality – Some people think online professional profiles should be scrubbed of any personal details or quirks. But remember: in sales, people buy from people. Any personal details you’d discuss to build rapport with a prospect in person — your favorite sports team, a sailing hobby, your favorite vacation spot, etc. — can safely be worked into your LinkedIn profile.

Offering Social Proof

When a lead prospect ends up on your LinkedIn profile, what he’s really looking for is social proof.

Who are you? Are you a legitimate broker? Do you have the experience and expertise to help me with my mortgage insurance needs?

Your LinkedIn profile has the potential to communicate the right answers to your prospect in a matter of seconds, without you having to say a word.

You can get a strong sense of who someone is by stepping into their home. Viewers of a fully filled-out LinkedIn profile can get a good sense of you, too.


By following these tips, you can set up an engaging LinkedIn profile that shows off your best side to your potential aged mortgage leads. You can use the demographics of the platform to your advantage, helping to qualify potential leads who interact with you on LinkedIn due to the nature of the service’s membership. You can connect with people through shared interests and demonstrate trustworthiness and expertise with a few glowing recommendations from connections and by participating in industry discussions.

Finally, don’t forget to pair your new LinkedIn strategy with a pool of high-quality aged leads.

Visit the Aged Leads Store, which boasts more than 350,000 searchable long form Internet leads. Our leads are pre-qualified and you can refine your search with tons of filters.

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How to Use Aged Leads in Your Overall Sales and Marketing Plan
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