33 Insurance Marketing Ideas You Haven’t Tried

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Are you racking your brain for new insurance marketing ideas? I’ve got just the thing. I guarantee there’s something in this list that you haven’t tried yet. It just may be the key to filling up your sales pipeline and growing your insurance business. Read on to see what new sales tactics I recommend.

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1. Create an Email Signature

We’ll start with something easy. If you haven’t done so already, create an email signature template. Include all your office contact info, your business social media handles, and list your lines of insurance business.

2. Make an Everything-We-Sell Sheet

You can list the main lines you deal in your email signature, but make a full sheet of literally everything your agency sells. Go over it with every client at signups and renewals. And make it available on your website. It’s like a dessert menu for your website — it will sell itself.

3. “Put Me in Your Phone”

As part of your client onboarding, ask new clients to save your contact info in their cell phone contacts. They will always have your number if they have a question or a claim, plus they will always have your info to pass along to referrals.

4. Fill an Insurance Leads Fishbowl

Try partnering with a local shop by sponsoring a gift certificate giveaway fishbowl. You can use the drawing entries for leads, and even offer a nominal value gift card as a consolation prize for getting a free quote.

5. Hand Out Emergency Info Cards

It’s great to have important numbers — like the fire department, police, poison control, the local parks department, etc. — on hand without having to go searching on Google or the Yellow Pages. Make branded cards your clients can post on their fridge or carry in their wallets.

6. Team Up for Customer Discount Cards

You can team up with local businesses — ice cream parlors, dry cleaners, etc. — to offer a discount or freebie for being a customer of multiple affiliated businesses.

7. Try “Nice Car” Cards

People with nice cars buy good insurance, and they like to hear compliments on their cars. When you see a nice car parked, you can leave a business card with a personalized compliment. Placed right over the driver’s door handle, they’re sure to see it, and some will call for a quote.

8. Go Knocking Door to Door

Eventually, everything old is new again. It’s tricky to get door-to-door sales right, but oh what a payoff when you do. Start first by just trying to start a conversation and build a new relationship. You can always sell later.

9. Get a New Website

If you haven’t updated your site in the last three years, it’s probably time. A new and modern refreshed design and layout will be a welcome change to new prospects.

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10. Get a New Minisite

If you can’t afford to redo your whole site right now, try a minisite with just the basics – contact information and the products you sell. I like using Squarespace for this approach. They make it super easy, even for the non-technically inclined.

You can even tailor your site to a particular line of your business — auto insurance, life insurance, home insurance, etc.

11. Buy a Dot Biz URL

If you’re a younger agent trying to find younger clientele you may wonder how you can differentiate yourself from the dozens of other local agent websites. The answer could be as simple as your URL. Instead of YourName.com, try YourName.biz. It’s more playful and a little edgy.

12. Write a Blog

But aren’t there already a million blogs? Yes, but so what? People shopping for insurance will be curious about you, and the way you write a blog says a lot about your personality, your knowledge, and your sense of humor.

13. Make a Sales Video Series

Do you get tired of typing or reciting the same pitch about how combining an auto policy with renters or homeowners insurance could save your prospects money? Make a short video laying it all out. You can make one for each product you sell if you’re so inclined.

14. Host a Boat Safety Class

Clients with boats to insure, also typically have cars, homes, and families that could benefit from additional insurance coverage. If there’s no water nearby, try another type of safety course suited to your locality.

15. Sponsor an Auto Show

Car enthusiasts love auto shows. You can meet lots of potential clients by helping the local auto show with sponsorship. Plan to attend and meet the participants and attendees.

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16. Sponsor a Motorcycle Ride

The average motorcycle owner is older and more responsible than many may realize. They can make fantastic insurance customers, in part because motorcycle coverage is a great segue into other lines of business.

17. Hand Out Keychains

At your auto and bike events, don’t forget to hand out keychains. Keychains can be a great marketing idea, particularly if you put your contact info on an attached keyring tag.

18. Hand Out Smoke Detector Batteries

Another item you can brand and give out at events of all types are smoke detector batteries. It’s always nice to have an extra 9-volt battery on hand, especially when it’s free.

19. Advertise on Food Wrappers

Food wrappers and pizza boxes from local eateries can be another great marketing strategy for an up-and-coming insurance business. Hungry people need insurance, too.

20. Buy an Old Agency’s Phone Number

If you know a local agent is moving away or retiring, ask about purchasing their current agency phone number. Your agency can benefit from all the old marketing that agency did, and help those calling the old number with their new insurance needs.

21. Park a Wreck in Your Lot

A wrecked car is a conversation piece, especially if you have it parked in your lot for a few days. It’s a great opportunity to discuss safety, proper coverage levels, and safe-driving discounts.

22. Chalk Your Sidewalk

If your office is in an area with heavy foot-traffic, try chalking your sidewalk. Make it big, aesthetically pleasing, and invite them inside for a quote, policy review, or refreshments.

23. Get a Bigger Sign

Like a lot of agents, you might not have thought much about your sign since you moved in and put it up. Consider a new sign, or negotiate with your landlord for a larger sign or more prominent placement.

24. Put Your Picture on Your Marketing

People like to do business with people. If you take great photos and aren’t too shy, try putting your picture on your outdoor advertising like a billboard or bus stop ad.

25. Do Guerrilla Marketing

You can do all sorts of on-the-fly marketing and spectacle marketing — anything that gets people talking counts as guerrilla marketing. Flyers, stickers, events, and more are all possible.

26. Wrap Your Car

You can be your own mobile billboard if you have your car professionally wrapped in your insurance agency logo and tagline, or, less permanently use a highly visible magnet when you’re parked somewhere with lots of traffic.

27. Help a Reporter Out

Have you ever wondered how the L.A. Times found that retailer in Poughkeepsie quoted in a national article? Probably through a service like HARO. Check it out, and you might be able to bring new attention to your business.

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28. Get a Column in the Local Paper

If you’re good with the written word yourself, consider contacting your local paper about a column. There’s always a need for a trusted local expert to give winter driving tips, Open Enrollment explanations and so on.

29. Participate in a Charity Run/Walk

Local events happen every year where folks raise money for a charity and participate in an annual run or walk event. You can help your community, stretch your legs, and get recognition for your business by getting involved.

30. Advertise in Church Bulletins

Churches always appreciate ways to save on costs, and advertising your business can help you make new connections. After you develop a relationship, try offering to conduct safety or insurance Q&A seminars for parishioners.

31. Start a Local Community Organization

If you’ve been thinking about a need in your local community that just isn’t getting addressed, why not start a local community organization? You can meet new people and help out your community.

32. Go Green

The health of the environment is vital to folks these days. Think about how your business can go green, and help others by educating about energy efficiency for your home insurance clientele.

33. Buy Aged Leads

Finally, if you haven’t gotten around to trying aged insurance leads, now is a great time to do so. It’s a better alternative to real-time leads because your budget can go much, much further with aged leads — which is where most sales leads close anyways. An aged lead commission is the same as a real-time lead commission — the only difference is the superior ROI of the aged lead. It’s easy, fast, and cost-effective to fill your pipeline up with high-quality aged leads from The Aged Lead Store.

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