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29 Insurance Sales Strategies to Sell More this Month

By Troy Wilson
29 Insurance Sales Strategies to Sell More this Month Feature Image
9 minute read

If you’re looking for insurance sales strategies to sell more insurance this month, you’re not alone. These 29 sales strategies will help insurance agents like you quickly turn your sales leads into closed sales when you need it most.

It can be tough enough selling insurance some days, but it’s even tougher when you’ve got to make that quota, qualify for that bonus, or just be able to pay the electric bill at the end of the month.

Even if you’ve done the smart thing and topped off your sales pipeline with high-quality aged leads, you’ve still got to turn those leads into closed sales. Here’s how.

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How to Work the Leads You Already Have

You probably already have leads in your CRM or database. The question is how to turn those leads into customers. And fast. Here are some of the strategies I recommend.

1. Trigger the Right Emotions

Many sales begin with an emotional trigger. Fear, shame, pride, and even altruism can be powerful triggers. Your auto insurance leads fear being underinsured when they need it most. Your home insurance clients want to feel pride in taking extra good care of their home.

2. Sell on Value You Can’t Put a Price On

If you’re selling on price alone, you’re going to have a bad time. Instead, focus on value that’s so good you can’t put a price on it. The key is focusing on what they think is valuable. Happiness, family well-being, peace of mind, nest egg, etc.

3. Avoid a “No” Whenever Possible

When you’re working online insurance leads, avoid giving your lead an easy out with a “no”. There’s almost never a reason to ask, “Do you want this?” Instead, ask, “So, which one do you want?” It will help you sell more, I promise.

4. Give Fewer Options

Rate cards can be overwhelming for lots of people. Think about giving better customer service to your insurance prospects by narrowing down the choices for them. Picking between three thoughtful options is more likely to lead to a sale than being left to weigh dozens of variables.

5. Use FOMO

FOMO — the “fear of missing out” — is a powerful motivator. Use it with your leads to get more sales. Sales, discounts, and rate quotes don’t last forever. Remind your lead that an insurance carrier might change their mind and your prospect could end up paying more than they need to later.

6. Take the Sale Away

Similarly, a sale today might not be available tomorrow. Let your life insurance leads know that they qualify for a great policy now, but their health might change in the future. And that could affect whether they can get a policy like this down the line.

7. Head Off Objections

Though they may not say anything, many people think of all sorts of objections, the possible risks of a product you’re suggesting. Put their mind at ease right away by heading off the most common objections and worries they might have.

8. Use the Bandwagon

Everyone’s doing it. Many people feel more comfortable knowing that there are many strangers out there in the same situation as them and making the same kinds of choices they need to make. Let prospects know about popular coverages. You always ask because almost everyone wants this add-on.

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How to Work Your Book of Business

Your current call list isn’t the only place you can go to top up this month’s sales. Always look at ways you can work through your existing book of business.

9. Give a Quote Bonus

Offer a free bonus — just for letting you quote them. Drive new business with gift cards, free pizza, or even a no-cost freebie. Why wouldn’t your current clients want a free energy efficiency tip sheet for a free home insurance quote? Just be sure you give everyone the same reward whether they buy or not, and follow all your local and state rules and regulations.

10. Give a Referral Reward

By the same token, maybe folks in your book of business don’t need more insurance right now — but they know someone who does. Offering a small reward of your appreciation for any referrals they send your way is another way to sell to prospects.

11. Check Your Future-Dated Policies

It could be that you have a client or two who’ve discussed switching their car or homeowners insurance over to you at the end of their current policy. If you really need to make a quota, you might check in with these folks and see if you can bind their future-dated policy now. Make the urgency something that works in their favor — a rate that might change after this rough storm season, for example.

12. Launch an Email Campaign

You are probably sitting on thousands of email addresses in your address book. Ask yourself who you can contact about a quote bonus or a referral reward? Compose a message that puts the value back to your clients, not yourself. And send away.

13. Buy Facebook Ads

People spend a ton of time on Facebook. For a few bucks, you could be one of those ads that show up right in their Facebook feed. You don’t need to be an internet wizard to set them up and you can target for just your local demographics.

14. Self-Promote on Facebook

If you’re really a Facebook whiz, you could skip buying a Facebook ad and just self-promote on social media. With either your business Facebook page  or your own personal page, you could reach thousands of people as they shop for insurance.

15. Self-Promote on Twitter

If Twitter is more your style, you could also do free self-promotion here. Use hashtags to get a wider reach and be sure to mention your limited-time bonus or reward for getting a quote.

16. Cross-Sell Your Existing Clients

If you really need to drum up more sales for your insurance agency, consider cross-selling to your own existing customer base. Cross-selling current clients are some of the easiest sales you can make. Call to verify contact info and let them know about specials they may qualify for.

17. Follow Up With Old Leads

Consider taking a dive into your old leads. Look at the x-dates and call the folks whose policies are due for renewal. They may have said “no” the last time you talked to them, but a lot can change in six to 24 months.

18. Quote Your Cold Leads

Similarly, look for opportunities where you can quote your cold leads. They lost interest before, but maybe you can rekindle that by looking at all the specials and discounts they could qualify now. Make it worth their while to give you a callback.

How to Work Your Network

Just because you’ve exhausted your current book of business is no reason to give up. Here are even more ways to make your sales quota.

19. Talk to Friends

Put the word out to your social circle that you need to make some sales. Ask for referrals that are going to be a good match. Tell your friends about your ideal client. It will get you referrals that are a better fit of rates and products for your agency.

20. Talk to Family

If you have a big extended family, congrats. They may be able to help you out. Let them know you’re looking for clients. They could buy from you themselves, or recommend someone they know who fits your ideal client profile.

21. Have Your Spouse Talk to People

If you’ve talked to all your friends and family, ask your spouse to put in a good word for you with coworkers, church friends, or his or her own relatives. Someone probably has been thinking about getting more coverage. And you’re just like family.

22. Ask Friends to Give You a Shout Out

Your friends may not know anyone in particular who’s shopping for insurance. But they could still help out by getting out the word. Ask friends to retweet or share your social posts and website links to their circles. This could get your insurance agency in front of thousands of new potential clients.

23. Contact Your LinkedIn Connections

You may have connections on LinkedIn that could lead you to new sales leads. Send a short professional message asking if you can offer a quote. Or, consider looking through the connections of those connections.

24. Try Business Cards

Do you have a stack of old business cards from trade shows or insurance industry conventions? Call them up and ask how they’re doing. Bring up your insurance specials when the timing is right.

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25. Say Hello to Office Neighbors

Your insurance company’s next sale may just be down the hall. Other businesses in your office plaza or strip mall may need coverage themselves. Or they might have customers who do. Try to work out a mutually beneficial exchange where you can help each other.

How to Close Even More Sales

Need more quality lead generation strategies? Try these.

26. Host an Office Sales Contest

If you have a staff working for your insurance company, try motivating them with a sales contest. Give out cash, days off, or recognition for actions that lead to new lead generation and insurance sales.

27. Buy Google Ads

You can generate even more real-time insurance leads by buying pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google. It’s a quick way to get insurance shoppers to your site for a cost of about $10 and up per click. Once you hit your quota you can simply turn the ad off.

28. Try Telemarketing

Telemarketing agencies are definitely a good option if you’ve got marketing dollars to spend on getting more leads. They are experts at getting you warm phone leads or passing along lead info like an internet lead.

29. Buy Aged Leads

Finally, one of the best ways to get leads in the industry — buying aged leads. It’s easy, fast, and cost-effective to fill your pipeline up with high-quality aged leads from The Aged Lead Store.

When it comes down to the wire, work smarter, not harder. Try the sales strategies that best match your situation. Remember to focus on what works for your existing leads and your book of business. Then if needed, turn to your network and explore more lead generation strategies.

Ready to get started with aged leads? Fill your pipeline with a fresh supply of high-quality leads from The Aged Lead Store. You’ll find thousands of sortable aged leads, ready to boost your sales, whether your business is auto, life, final expense, health, Medicare supplement or homeowners insurance, annuities, auto warranty coverage, or mortgage refinance.

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