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Good Sales Start with Good Attitudes

By Troy Wilson
2 minute read
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Sales is emotional, yet often we drive ourselves down into a funk. Several days of closing slump and we start beating ourselves up. This starts a counterproductive cycle of bad attitude, which leads to bad sales.

Good sales start with a positive attitude. Let’s talk about how to maintain that positive edge.

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Are You Ready to Sell Today?

On the way into the office ask yourself the most important question of the day–are you ready to sell? If the answer is, “no” you might as well turn the car around and watch soap operas for the day–you will yield that same number of sales.

Getting ready to sell is a process as much as it is a state. Learning how to prepare yourself for a “sales ready” day is critical to your long-term success in sales. Develop a routine that gets you into the sales zone, building a good attitude every morning.

Get in the Right Frame of Mind

The “sales ready” process starts by focusing your mind. Athletes have been doing this for decades. They build intensity by focusing on the competition ahead. What will it look like? How will I play? How will I react to different conditions?

Many sales tapes/CDs focus this intensification process entirely on motivational techniques. Although these are important I think they often miss the important substance. Your focusing efforts should be on, “how you will play the game.


What are some of the key value messages you will use today? What were some of the most common objections you heard yesterday? How will you overcome them better today? Is there anything my customers need to know today–changes in the market, products, strategies?

Confidence Shows, Even on the Phone

Bottom line: If you are confident that you are going into the day with a strong plan and good stuff–your customer will know it. Confidence plays through your body language and even your voice. And, confidence is contagious. If you are confident in your performance and value, customers will be confident in buying.

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