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Do You Have a Sales Toolkit?

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read
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I have talked in the past about the advantage to training with buying personas. This is a methodical way to segment and practice your sales approach to a variety of recurring buyer patterns.

This methodology also lends itself to preparing a powerful sales toolkit. Customers most often want similar things. Unfortunately, most sales people wait until the customers starts asking questions to scramble and get something together that efficiently helps with those questions.

The solution is simple, build your sales toolkit as customers give you buying cues and reuse those materials.

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The most common customer need is a solution to cut through the complexity. Mortgages and debt solutions are inherently complex solutions. Most people are intimidated by numbers and contracts. This fear creates barriers to trust and closings.

Make sure your sales toolkit has very simple presentations and explanations of the complex concepts within those deals. Turn contract and financial industry “million dollar” words and jargon into simple words and pictures.


Certainly you want to be the expert in guiding customers through these complex financial transactions, but don’t underestimate the power of a how-to. People are overwhelmed. Our world is increasingly full of distractions and requirements on or time.

Consequently, if you make it easy for people to know how to do something you are not competing with yourself–you are simply building trust. Believe me now one wants to do their own mortgage or debt consolidation. They just want to be confident they are educated enough not to get screwed.


In order to help a customer with a mortgage or debt work-out you need their participation. You need documentation–items they have, but probably haven’t the first clue as to what they are or what they look like.

Make sure you have a simple “homework” or “loan preparation” checklist in your toolkit. This will reduce customer frustration and get you the documentation you need to get the deal done.


Every sales call is full of objections. I started long ago a practice of keeping a yellow pad by my phone. On that pad I write every objection I hear.

That list of objections should not only be a training script to improve your pivot techniques, but also should turn into sales material for customers. The more objections you short-circuit before they are asked the more you compress the sales cycle.

Success Stories

New prospects most fear the lack of performance. Will this guy or gal be able to solve my problem? Documenting and presenting success stories–stories that prospects can see themselves in–are the silver bullets of sales.

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