The Nuts and Bolts of the Best Sales Call Scripts

Sales Call Scripts

It often seems like the work is never done when it comes to refining your sales call scripts. It’s one of the key tools you can use to get the best aged leads results. But this tool needs frequent attention. You need to tighten all the nuts and bolts to keep your sales script in tip-top shape.

Working to make your script better and better is one of the most effective insurance sales techniques. It just takes work. If it’s time to freshen up your script, consider these sales tips for developing your best script yet.

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Make It Flexible, Not Rigid  

A flexible script is more effective than a rigid one. That’s because it’s not the customer that needs to conform to the sales offer — it’s the sales offer that needs to meet the customer where they are. A great script should help you give an appropriate response in almost any sales call situation.

Work Out the Customer Journey

In order to develop a truly flexible script, map out your customer’s journey. Include the hairpin turns and steep hills you’ll inevitably encounter. That makes your script all the more effective. Keep things at this early stage visual and process oriented. Use sticky note paper and don’t add too much detail yet.

Write Quickly

Your first draft of a script should pour out on the page quickly. Take off your critical hat and set it aside for now. Get everything down on paper, no matter how awkward or unimportant it seems. You can prune away the excess later, but first you need something to work with.

Use Spoken English

The script in front of you is written on paper, but that doesn’t make it a piece of writing. The longer and more complex sentences that work on paper don’t tend to work in spoken English. Distill your script down to its essence at this stage, getting rid of fluff and irrelevant info and reworking awkward sentences so they can have the biggest impact on a listener.

Workshop Your Script

When you’ve got a working prototype, start workshopping it. Read your script out loud. Do you get tongue-tied over an awkward phrase? Can you recite your script quickly? When you think you’ve got it sorted, start rehearsing with coworkers, friends, and family.

Get Aged Internet Leads
Browse, Filter, and Buy Aged Internet Leads – Instantly!

Pare Down Hellos and Goodbyes

Keep your greeting and closing short and sweet. Introduce yourself and your brand and then move on to the important stuff. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t put time into getting the wording and content just right — that’s a must. But the result should be nice and short.

Let Your Script Be Visual

Don’t sit down to call with a script printed in black ink, Times New Roman, 12pt font, double-spaced. This isn’t a term paper. Make use of all the graphics options even the most basic word-processing programs make possible. Use font, size, color, bold, and underline options to set apart different areas of the script and add emphasis to the keywords you need to drive home.

Use Call-to-Action Focal Points

Put your call-to-action points down in writing. Use bold and underline text to make them stand out to you and use their inclusion on your script to guide the customer’s path. Including your calls-to-action right in your script makes it clear what a prospect can respond to and what they can purchase from you.

Try Out A/B Testing

If you’re not sold on a particular aspect of your script, start testing. You can call half your list with Version A and the other half with Version B. Or if you have a team, split them up into groups to test out which version works best. Track the performance of each script and get feedback from team members.

Improve Over Time

Your script will never be set in stone. Keep testing and refining to improve it over time, with an eye to efficiency and effectiveness. If you have a team using your script, solicit regular feedback. Team members will feel more included by helping to improve the customer’s experience and their own script tool.

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