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Aged Leads, Turning Consumer Panic into Loyal Clients

By Troy Wilson
2 minute read
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Mortgage and debt consumers come to the Internet in a panic. They are in trouble or uncertain or fearful. The current market environment and economy only makes this fact greater.

Therefore, when you buy aged leads you must assume you are buying consumer panic. But, don’t you panic–this is an opportunity!

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Anyone facing challenge is a priceless lead for a good sales person. After all, we sell “solutions.” That means you should be hoping that every aged lead you put in your queue is facing a challenge.

Your number one objective when you dive into your sales pipeline is to solve as many challenges as you can. I will show you how this will yield big ongoing results.


The first way to capture this panic and turn it into wins is to surprise your customer. Meet them with overwhelming service. Meet them with an intense sense of urgency. Exceed all their expectations of a sales encounter.

Give them your cell number and tell them to call you anytime.


Trust is a funny game on the Internet. There has always been a sense of anonymity online. There has traditionally been a lack of accountability.

Break that trend. The use of social media and social networks can let you really hang it all out there. I think that does more good than harm. Allowing your customer to find out all about you can accelerate the personalization process.

In fact, there are some online people that I feel I have a deeper relationship and understanding of who they are than some of my offline relationships.

Your objective? Make your customer able to make that same statement.

Getting it Done

Of course nothing solves the panic problem and locks in a customer tighter than the good old fashion principle of “Get’r Done.” Solving those little issues and problems along the way to getting a mortgage or debt solution will build a highly profitable relationship.

You will get sales and referrals beyond any goals you can envision if you simply sooth consumer panic.

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How to Use Aged Leads in Your Overall Sales and Marketing Plan
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