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Strategies for Effectively Using Aged Leads in Solar Panel Sales

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With their affordability and high potential for conversion, aged leads are often overlooked by solar sales consultants selling solar installation solutions.

Aged solar installation leads, which age better compared to other industries because of their extensive nature and cost of solar installations, remain viable for months, providing a cost-effective path for salespeople looking to boost their pipeline with affordable and workable leads.

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What are aged solar leads?

Aged solar leads are prospects who have previously expressed interest in solar installation but have yet to finalize a purchase immediately.

These leads are sourced from initial inquiries from online ads, TV commercials, or other marketing campaigns.

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They’re sold at a steep discount after remaining uncontacted or undecided past the typical sales follow-up window.

What’s included when you purchase aged solar leads from Aged Lead Store

Aged Lead Store provides detailed buyer intent data in their aged solar leads, allowing for a targeted approach in follow-up communications and offering insight into the lead’s specific circumstances and needs.

Lead information includes:

  • Name
  • Full Postal Address
  • Email(s
  • Phone(s)
  • Date of Inquiry
  • Electricity Bill expenses
  • Electricity Firm used
  • Roof Type
  • Information about how much shade their property receives
  • Credit Status

Benefits of using aged leads in solar sales

Aged solar leads offer several advantages for solar panel businesses and salespeople:

  • Highly affordable: They are significantly cheaper, often a fraction of the cost, than acquiring fresh leads, reducing overall marketing expenses. For example, leads between 30to 85 days old cost around $1.50 per lead, whereas fresh leads could cost up to $15 each!
  • Bulk buying: Purchasing aged leads in bulk allows access to a larger pool of potential customers across different regions.
  • Pre-validated and reliable: These leads often come pre-validated with detailed information, reducing the risk of inaccuracies and enhancing contact quality.

Smart selling strategies for converting aged leads

  • Personalize each pitch: If the client’s data shows a high monthly electricity bill, personalize your pitch to emphasize how solar panels can provide significant cost savings. Use specific data points like estimated energy production from solar panels to address their current expenditure concerns directly.
  • Timing matters: Match your communication strategy with local or seasonal energy demands. For instance, target leads in southern states with higher air conditioning usage during the early summer months with specific messages about how solar can offset high summer bills.
  • Use different follow-up techniques: Start with an email with a personalized greeting and an overview of potential solar benefits tailored to the lead’s specifics, such as reducing energy bills or increasing home value. Follow this with a phone call to discuss their energy goals and possible hesitations. Use SMS for timely reminders about limited-time offers or upcoming webinars.
  • Offer incentives: Create urgency and enhance the appeal by offering limited-time discounts or additional services. For instance, offer a 20% discount on the initial deposit if they commit within the next two weeks, or include free panel cleaning services for the first year post-installation.

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