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3 Steps to Help Your Sales Process Improvement

By Troy Wilson
2 minute read
⚠️ Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this article is accurate, neither its authors nor Aged Lead Store accepts responsibility for any errors or omissions. The content of this article is for general information only, and is not intended to constitute or be relied upon as legal advice.

Zig Ziglar

Your sales process should be a living and breathing thing. You should be constantly looking for feedback and sources of inspiration. As a sales person you are faced with the negative everyday–rejections, hang-ups, the crushing weight of caring a sale quota.

Here are a few suggestions to make sure your sales process is improving, daily.

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1. Measure it.

Few things are more important than making your sales process consistent and disciplined enough to measure it. You need to break your process down it to manageable points of measurement.

  • How many calls do you make?
  • How many did you try script A, B, or C on?
  • How many contacts did you make?
  • How many appointments did you make?
  • How many objections?
  • What were they?
  • Which did you overcome, which do you need to practice?
  • What is you close ratio?
  • What adjustments do you need to make?

2. Learn from others.

The Internet and bookstores are literally overflowing with great sales mentors. Spend at least 50% of you time learning. Here are a few that I spend time with on a regular basis:

3. Inspire it.

Inspiration can come from a lot of places. If you are athletic it might come from your heroes on the field and their stories of challenge and success. There might be business leaders that you aspire to rise to their level. Or it might be a philosophy like Ayn Rand’s Objectivism.

Find something or someone and then put that inspiration in front of you. Go get it!

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How to Use Aged Leads in Your Overall Sales and Marketing Plan
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Troy Wilson

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Troy is the CEO and founder of Aged Lead Store. He has been in the lead generation industry for over two decades. His blog posts focus on how to refine your sales process and get the most out of your insurance leads, mortgage leads, and solar leads.

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