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The Lazy Man’s Way to More Internet Finance Lead Sales

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read
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For some sales people lead generation may not be a challenge. Finance leads may be steadily flowing in, considering hard times and lots of people looking for financial help. However, if you are buying finance leads they need to be efficiently converted to sales to get a return on your investment. Although difficult to convert each lead into a sale, there are certainly ways to help increase sales conversion.

You can use these 5 easy tips to convert your finance leads into sales:

1. Consider the type and quality of the leads you purchase – You may think that purchasing Internet leads offsets all your marketing strategy. Wrong. You should be carefully considering you financial niche, identify the Internet lead characteristics that most closely define your customer profile and then buy only those to whom you can cater. Buying any old Internet leads will not get you anywhere. You’re just going to be left with a bunch of useless leads and no sales. So make good use of the filters that Internet lead providers offer to target you ideal finance leads.

2. Purchase aged leads – There is a lot of life in those aged leads which others may think are useless. They may contain valuable customers that need customized solutions and or simply haven’t responded yet. Your sales process may just do the trick others couldn’t. And they’re a lot cheaper than real-time Internet leads.

3. Set up a good sales and marketing website – If you’re serious about increasing sales and targeting lots of finance leads a good website or blog will reinforce credibility and build trust. Clearly introduce your company and the financial service you offer. Giving customers a place to learn more about you after contacting them via an Internet lead (inquiry) can make it much easier to convert them.

4. Purchase Internet leads from a reputable provider – Internet lead providers seem to be everywhere, with literally dozens of options. They all promise excellent lead conversion ratios and money back guarantees. Don’t make your finance lead buys with blind trust. Distinguish a genuine Internet leads provider by their track record, the number of years they have been in business, what their core competency is, whether they directly source their leads or purchase them from elsewhere and so on. A clear picture will emerge and help you reach a decision.

5. Clearly communicate your message – Financial leads typically talk to 2-3 or even more financial experts before they make a decision. They need to be convinced that you are the best provider, the market conditions are in their favor, and that you will have their best interests in mind. You need to be clear that your service and financial expertise does not just end at the closing table. Assure them that you are there to assist them in the long-run.

The more work you do before buying Internet finance leads and getting your sales processes adapted to the online sales environment, the lazier your sales process can be.

How to Use Aged Leads in Your Overall Sales and Marketing Plan
How to Use Aged Leads in Your Overall Sales and Marketing Plan
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