Sharing Lead Performance Data with Lead Provider

I ran across an interesting post over at LeadCritic about sharing sales performance data with lead providers. Although I think the idea has merit in theory I rarely see it practiced. What do you think?

I see the apparent advantages:

  • Lead provider could match it back to marketing campaigns and see what is working and what is failing
  • Lead providers could optimize the leads that they send to certain customers based on feedback (what converts best for them)
  • Lead providers could make recommendation on how the client could get better performance from their leads

However, I think the reality is that things in the hairy world of online lead generation don’t work that ideally and seamless. Here are reasons I think this doesn’t usually make a lot of sense:

  • Clients are usually don’t have the resources to assemble data extracts to send to lead providers
  • Lead providers don’t have the resources to match up individual clients data back to source campaigns
  • Lead providers rarely care


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There are probably a myriad of others–like pricing concerns–but you get the idea. Again, what do you think?

  • Should clients share lead (sales) performance data with lead providers?
  • Should lead providers make an effort to consider and optimize with this data?
  • Should I be asking for it as an aged mortgage and debt lead provider?

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