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Selling Health Insurance Now That Open Enrollment is Over

Troy Wilson
By Troy Wilson
Selling Health Insurance Now That Open Enrollment is Over Feature Image
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⚠️ Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this article is accurate, neither its authors nor Aged Lead Store accepts responsibility for any errors or omissions. The content of this article is for general information only, and is not intended to constitute or be relied upon as legal advice.

Selling Health InsuranceOpen enrollment is over, but there’s still ample opportunity to sell to your health insurance leads. Leads experiencing major life changes will qualify for a Special Enrollment Period so that they can get covered under the new ACA law without having to wait till November 1.

New jobs, new babies, and new spouses are just some of the circumstances that qualify insurance customers to buy new coverage on both private and public insurance exchanges outside open enrollment.

Grow your health insurance business in the off-season by focusing on these leads and catering to their needs. Here are the six different types of leads you can still sell a health plan to today.

Leads with Changes of Employment

Many workers get their health insurance through their employer. If an employer stops offering coverage, cuts hours below the benefits threshold, lays off or even terminates the employee, that employee and any family members also on the company health plan qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. Furthermore, workers who quit or change jobs voluntarily also qualify.

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Leads Losing Eligibility for Government Program Coverage

The government provides healthcare coverage to some folks who meet certain eligibility requirements. Still time keeps marching forward, meaning some program recipients lose eligibility because their income climbs too high or they age out of programs.

For Medicaid recipients, coverage is based on income or circumstances. Leads who win that big promotion at work may find themselves shopping for new coverage. The Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP) also has eligibility requirements. When a child turns 20, they age out of the program and will need to find coverage elsewhere. Becoming ineligible for Medicare Part A can also qualify a lead for a Special Enrollment Period.

Leads Losing Coverage Through a Family Member

Lots of folks get their health coverage through a family member, such as a parent or spouse. Job loss, plan cancelation, death, and divorce can leave these leads shopping for new insurance outside open enrollment.

Just like workers who lose job-based coverage, a husband or wife of an employee with a job-based plan could find themselves qualifying for a Special Enrollment Period. They may sign on with a different company’s health plan through their spouse, but they don’t have to. They could choose independent coverage. Other life events, such as losing status as a parent’s dependent, the death of a parent with coverage, and turning 26 while on a family health plan, can qualify a lead for Special Enrollment.

Leads with Household Changes

Growing or shrinking households also typically warrant a Special Enrollment Period. Leads who’ve gotten married qualify, as do those who’ve legally separated or divorced — if the divorce or separation led to a loss of coverage. New babies, child adoptions, and even foster care placements in your health insurance lead’s home qualify them for Special Enrollment. The death of a household member can also qualify a lead — as long as they’re no longer eligible for their current plan due to the death.

Leads with Address Changes

With few exceptions, leads qualify for a Special Enrollment Period when they have a change of address. Moving to a new permanent home qualifies a lead to shop for a new plan, even if the move was within the same state. That’s because each state has its own set of qualified health plans, with some plans only being available in certain regions of the state. This type of life change can affect a number of different types of individuals: new homeowners and renters, workers transferring to jobs in new regions, college students moving between home and school, seasonal workers moving to or from a seasonal work and living area, and even snowbirds with homes in multiple states.

Leads with Still More Qualifying Life Events

Even more qualifying life events could bring you leads that need your expert advice on their insurance choice. Those who have a large change in income could see their plan’s eligibility affected. So could a lead who’s gained membership in a federally recognized tribe or had their status recognized as an Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) Corporation shareholder. So to do new American citizens and AmeriCorps members at the beginning or end of their service.

Start Selling to These Leads Today

Just as you did during Open Enrollment, you can help these Special Enrollment Period leads understand the importance of getting health insurance coverage and help them choose the right coverage solution. Help your leads avoid ACA penalties and sell the benefits of coverage.

If you’re looking for more health insurance leads for your sales pipeline, the Aged Lead Store has thousands of health insurance leads that need to find a solution during their short 60-day Special Enrollment Period. Fill your pipeline today to continue selling coverage solutions during the health insurance off-season and grow your business today. The Aged Lead Store has the high-quality leads you need to help make the dialing easier.

Troy Wilson

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