Quick, What’s Your Message? Times Up!

Internet customers all suffer from attention deficit disorder–assume this in your sales process. Add to the demographic nature of the Internet consumer the fact that they are aged leads and you have a definite up-hill battle to capture their attention.

Challenges are always opportunities. Get your opening message perfect.

Aged Leads Require Quantity

Nothing improves performance like quantity. Aged leads give you the perfect opportunity to hone your core message. You can buy great quantities of these leads for minimal marketing budget.

Large quantities of aged leads provide you with a fertile test-bed for your sales process. Try different approaches. Like a chess player you can define specific opening moves and learn what reactions they bring.

Build those various openings and reactions into scenarios and scripts that allow you to maximize your chances of success on every call.


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Aged Leads Require Brevity

Aged leads also offer the advantage of requiring brevity. In many cases these consumers are going to be your most defensive and reactive–they have been neglected in one way or another by their original sales or marketing organizations.

As a result, aged leads will help you tighten up your value proposition. It will make you streamline your message. It will make your every word valuable to the prospect.

Aged Leads Require Passion

Probably one of my favorite constraints of aged leads is that they require passion. My best, and most successful, customers are ones where passion and enthusiasm springs from their voices. You can tell when someone really wants to help you. That is what you should be practicing with aged leads.

Learn to bring passion to helping each and every customer to every call.

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