Lead Buying Needs Assessment, Are You Optimizing Your Lead Purchases?

Lead buying can be as simple as, “give me a 100 leads.” However, chances are you will be disappointed. Why? Simple, your business isn’t designed to help everyone. Chances are you have a specialty or expertise that requires a little more thought to get the customers you can service.

So, let’s review a few questions you lead provider should be asking you–when you ask for leads:

Business Assessment

1. What is your primary business?

2. What part of the credit spectrum do you specialize in?

3. What states or regions are you licensed in?

4. How much experience do you have in this business line?

Marketing Assessment

1. Who is your target audience?

2. What is the profile of the person you can help?

3. What marketing ROI (cost per closed deal) do you need?

4. Are you willing to share your lead performance data?


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Sales Assessment

1. How many sales reps do you have?

2. What are your dial and contact rates?

3. Do you use a CRM or dialer to manage your leads?

4. What is the average experience of your sales team?

Strategic Assessment

1. What is your monthly closed deal goal?

2. What is your average conversion rate?

3. How many leads do you need to meet your goal?

4. What price do you need to buy leads at to meet that goal?

They are some of the starting discussions you should have with your lead provider or lead broker. These discussions will ensure that you have a realistic plan going into your lead buying. It will also ensure that your lead provider understands your goals and is helping you to work towards achieving those goals.

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