High Converting Sales Scripts for Insurance Leads

Sales Scripts for Insurance Agents - Next Wave Marketing StrategiesWhether you’re dealing with new insurance leads who requested information less than an hour ago or with aged leads who have been ignored for months, a strong sales script can help you break through the awkwardness of cold calling and convince your prospect to take the next step in the sales process. The script you use for telemarketing is very important, and should contain several vital elements.

1. Identification

Make sure you are speaking to the person who requested the information and not his or her spouse, adult child, or best friend. You can accomplish this simply by asking, “May I speak with Mr. John Doe?”

2. Introduction

It’s important to take the time to clearly identify yourself and the agency your represent. Otherwise, the caller may assume that you are just another marketer and hang up before you can address the information he or she requested.

3. Explanation

Once you have introduced yourself, explain why you are calling. New insurance leads will often be expecting your call. Aged leads, though, may need to be reminded that they requested health insurance information from a certain website several weeks or months ago.

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4. Offer to Help

Rather than push for a sale over the phone, use your initial telemarketing call to offer to meet with the prospect and review his or her insurance options. You’ll get a better response if you assure the prospect that the meeting will be brief and that he or she is not obligated to order anything.

5. Request an In-Person Meeting

Some callers may ask for you to conduct a review over the phone. Explain that it’s difficult to give a thorough review during a telephone call. If it’s true, you can also say that your agency does not allow telephone consultations due to strict patient privacy regulations.

6. Prepare to Respond to Common Objections

Prospects may raise many objections. The most common ones are that they aren’t interested in the material or that – especially true for aged leads – they have already found coverage elsewhere. You can counter the first objection by asking politely why the prospect requested health insurance information in the first place. A good response to the second objection is to repeat your offer to meet with the lead and review all of his or her insurance options to make sure that he or she is getting the best deal.

7. Get a Small “Yes.”

If you can’t talk the prospect into meeting you in person, try to get him or her to agree to being added to your email list, “liking” your Facebook page, or connecting with you on LinkedIn. Any way you can maintain contact with your prospect is better than nothing.

Cold calling is not an especially fun part of an insurance agent’s job, but it is often a necessary one. These seven elements of a script for insurance leads can help you feel more confident on the phone and increase your conversions.

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