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By Troy Wilson
1 minute read
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How many times have you seen teaser headlines like this that simply lead you into a lengthy sales letter or email list sign-up. Well, I am here to break that pattern and show you a treasure trove of really FREE training and presentations.

Check Available Leads!

Everyday mortgage and real estate professionals are giving briefings or showcasing their expertise to prospective clients, partners, vendors, and investors. These presentations are many times left idle on these professional’s respective computer hard drives. However, the smart ones are posting them online, allowing them to be distributed freely to interested Web searches.

These sites have become some of my favorites for educating myself on the latest and greatest techniques in marketing. Here are some of my favorite sites and categories within these sites:

Ready-to-Close Aged Mortgage Leads

Mortgage Leads

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Per Lead 15-85 Days Old
Buy Mortgage Leads

Take a spin through these wonderful resources to spark your mind and possibly trigger your next money making strategy for your mortgage, debt, or real estate business.

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