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Evergreen Lead Optimization Technology

By Bill Rice
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8 minute read
⚠️ Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this article is accurate, neither its authors nor Aged Lead Store accepts responsibility for any errors or omissions. The content of this article is for general information only, and is not intended to constitute or be relied upon as legal advice.

We at Age Lead Store are so excited to be rolling out a brand new innovation that we’re calling Evergreen Lead Optimization Technology. This is going to be launching across our entire Age Lead Inventory inside of our marketplace to improve the quality of the leads that we provide to you.

Curious to know more? Keep reading to find out the details of this new innovation and how it’s going to benefit you!

The Issue with Aged Leads

Whether you’ve been buying aged leads for years or you’re just starting to think about potentially using age leads in your sales process, you probably are aware of one of the biggest drawbacks of using aged internet leads. It’s right there in the name: they’re aged.

What that means is that there’s some period of time from when the consumer initially became a lead via a web form or however they become an Internet lead and when you’re actually buying that lead. This span of time that’s between when they are a lead and when you receive the information can lead to low-quality leads, a change in consumer information, a loss of interest, and more.

People change phone numbers, change emails, change addresses, move away, etc. So inherently in that aged lead data you’re buying is going to have inaccuracies that are going to cause frustration and difficulty when using them.

This is a problem that we’ve been working on a solution for since the very day that we opened the doors over 17 years ago. We’re constantly looking for and developing innovations and solutions to improve the quality of the leads that we give you.

But before we get into the details of what we’ve developed with Evergreen Lead Optimization Technology, we want to give you a little more background on the size of this problem with aged lead inaccuracies and quality.

Postal Addresses

We did a little statistical research to show you exactly how often this change in contact information occurs with the average American. There are 252 million people that are potential leads out there. Of those 252 million people over the age of 18, 11% of them will change their postal address per year.

This makes sense, right? There are renters who become homeowners, there are renters that change where they’re renting, there are homeowners that move, students who go away to school, people who change jobs, and more.

So of all the leads that you order, there is a possibility that about 11% or so will have an incorrect address.

Phone Numbers

Another piece of this puzzle is that 50 million people, or 20% of the adult population, change their phone numbers over the years, too. This one might be a little more surprising since many people keep their phone numbers for many years (one of our writers has had his phone number since he got his first cell phone!).

However, a great many people change phone providers, change from landlines to mobile, move away and change to a local provider, get new work phone numbers as they change jobs, or get new phones that require new numbers.  But the bottom line is that 20% of Americans are going to change their phone number in any given year, which means 20% of your aged leads could have incorrect numbers.

Email Addresses

Last, but not least, 63 million or 25% of these Americans are going to change their email address going from AOL or Yahoo to a fresh Gmail account in any given year.

This, as with the other changes, could be for any number of reasons. Maybe they’re tired of all the junk that they’ve signed up for and they’re just want to get a fresh start with a new email. Or maybe they used a work email and now they are going to use a personal email.

The chances that one or a  few of these things have changed for the aged leads you buy is extremely high, which is where our new innovation can help.

Our Solution

Let’s get into the details of our new technology.

There are four layers of lead optimization that all of our age leads will now go through. This Evergreen Lead Optimization Technology takes all of these optimization processes, pulls them together, and makes them work with each other to giving them an intelligent learning process to fully optimize and achieve the highest quality possible for our aged leads.

Here’s what those four layers look like.

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1. Basic Initial Validation

So first and foremost, we are a marketplace. Generally, a lot of our inventory is coming from a variety of different internet lead generation sources. These could be a lead aggregators, direct publishers, affiliates, even some of our own lead generation efforts.

All of those providers are required to do some initial layer of validation, aka basic validation before those leads come into our marketplace. Now sometimes that lead validation is as simple as making sure the phone number and/or email address is valid and working. This could also mean validating that the information truly belonged to that consumer or that they’re truly deliverable.

This initial layer of expectations and validation is standardized in our terms of service before the leads even enter the marketplace, so it starts off as a good set of initial data coming into the system.

2. Matching Leads to Consumer Data

This step is one of the bigger innovations that we’ve come up with: we’ve partnered with national consumer databases to be able to match up our aged Internet leads to their data sources about consumers.

We do our very best to make sure that we have available to you is the latest and most accurate information about that consumer.

There are two parts to this. The first is that Internet lead providers have a mission that is to capture those with an intent to buy or an intent to find out more information about a product that we sell. And then you have the second part that is the national consumer databases whose mission is to take all of the consumers in the US and try to figure out and collect as much information as they can about each consumer including everything from demographics to contact information.

So now, with our new system, we are combining these two things to bring all of that information together to optimize routines and algorithms that are inside of this technology. This allows us to match up and doing our best to make sure that we have the most correct and accurate information about every consumer that’s represented as an age lead inside of our marketplace.

3. Matching and Setting Up the Information

Step three is just an overall “level setting” of all of that information.

We’ve gone through a process of literally matching up every single piece of consumer data that we have. Putting it through this Evergreen process to create an initial baseline and make every attempt to validate that every single attribute on that lead as valid as possible and as optimized as possible.

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4. Internal Optimization

The fourth step of this is our own internal optimization process that goes through some additional validation routines to try to enhance the leads. This set of technology goes through and actually looks for problematic data.

It’s going to look for improperly formatted and non-standardized data points that don’t match up. This could be zip codes that don’t belong to street addresses, cities, and states that don’t match, and those sorts of things. It’s literally looking for inaccuracies, mismatches, typos, mistakes, and common input errors that reduce the accuracy and quality of leads.

Our New Technology Makes Our Aged Leads as Accurate as Possible

You should now start to experience the advantage of this is we’ve pulled all of those data sources and algorithms together into one technology. We’re trying as best we can to truly come to our end goal and vision of creating ageless leads. These are aged leads that have the correct amount of lead optimization on it so that it’s just as accurate as a real-time Internet lead.

We want you to know and understand the product that we’re delivering to you. We are doing our very best to ensure that we have the best quality in the entire industry.

Transparency and honesty are important to us. We’re so proud of our product and service and we truly want to show you just how hard we work on this to bring you the highest quality leads possible.

As we always say, it doesn’t end with us selling you the lead. We want you to ultimately convert that lead into a customer!

If you have any more questions about how this new technology works and how it will affect the leads we provide, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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