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Emails that Don’t Get Deleted

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read
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For all of its downsides email is still one of the most effective sales tools, second only to the phone. That is why it makes a lot of sense to spend time perfecting your email craft.

Pull up one of your sales emails and compare to these simple (key word being simple) tips to improving the conversion of your emails.

Keep it Short

Most sales people want to cram their email full of details about themselves, their products, and all the features and benefits. This is guaranteed to a get a quick delete.

Think about your reader, your prospect. Chances are they are getting close to hundred emails a day. Most are from people they know. People they either feel an obligation or are required to respond to. Your email is the one they can comfortably delete without reading.

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If you make it long and potentially overwhelming you are just increasing the opportunity for a delete. Keeping it short increases you chance for a quick review.

Keep it Personal

Another guaranteed delete is the form email. Take the time to make it look as personal as possible. Make sure you use their name (correctly).

One trick I use is dropping the typical form-style salutation of first or full name and then starting the message body. I try to get their first name worked into the body of the email. It is also nice if you can pull out some unique item about them, their company, or location that you can allude to-showing you care enough to do a little research.

Make it Business

Don’t get too cutesy with your email. Make it clear you are about business. Make sure it still is packed with professionalism.

That means:

  • Good grammar
  • No misspellings
  • Clear purpose
  • Simple, but complete signature block

Write for the Preview

This sort of returns us to the “keep it short” part, but it is worth reiterating. Your prospect is very buy. Chances are you email will get little more than a glance through the preview screen on their email. Write it as such:

  • Personal, but relevant Subject Line
  • Short and quickly to the point
  • Compelling teaser to get an open
  • Did I mention short?
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Troy Wilson

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