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How Dialers Help Increase ROI on Aged Insurance Leads

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read
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Most insurance providers know how important it is to contact and re-contact aged insurance leads. These leads are ones that have said no the first time and thus need some persistence to get converted. If you have invested some money in buying leads, you want to make sure you get a decent return on that investment.
One way to contact aged insurance leads is through cold calling. Cold calling telemarketing is the classic numbers game. The more people and insurance business contacts, the more they can conversions they can expect. This is a simple statistical fact. It thus pays for an insurance business to look into ways that technology can increase their contact rate, and this applies especially to aged insurance leads.

Dialer software is one of these ways. Automated dialers automatically call an insurance provider’s prospects, including aged leads, and thus greatly increase the number of people who are contacted. They often make up to 400 calls per hour, which is faster than any human being can dial phone numbers.

Integrated Websites

Many times automated dialer software is found on integrated websites that also offer other marketing functions like drip emails and pre-recorded messaging. These websites can be used by smaller businesses to automate their dialing and other marketing processes. Well run sales automation of this type is one of the hottest new sales techniques. It is based on the tremendous amount of automation now possible with internet technology.

More Calls = More Convincing Power

Automated dialers have unparalleled convincing power because of the fact they can dial particularly stubborn prospects more often. Repetition tends to work well with aged leads as long as it does not alienate them. Cold calling can be a tricky business, but if someone needs to be contacted, they need to be contacted. A dialer accomplishes this without much fuss. When combined with good scripts and sales techniques, the increased call volume can lead to dramatically increased conversions and thus ROI.

Employee Resources

Dialers free up an insurance provider’s employee resources by allowing a salesperson to finish with a call list more quickly. They can then elect either to make more calls or to move on to some other task. Thus the ROI increases by way of the money saved on hourly telemarketer wages and so forth. Increasing a return happens both on the level of a bigger bottom line and also bigger savings on the marketing efforts themselves.

For all these reasons, insurance businesses should consider using a dialer if telemarketing is one of their sales avenues. Dialers dramatically cut down on the workload of telemarketers, and if a business elects to use automated sales messages with the calling, the workload is reduced further still. Dialers are getting to be more and more of standard with telemarketing, so insurance companies would do well to avail themselves of these handy web based tools. They free up time, make for more contacts, and streamline the process of sales calling in an overall way.

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