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Top 12 Tips to Keep Your Call Center Agents Motivated

By Chris Bibey
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Keeping your call center agents motivated is easier said than done. 

Even if you have a strong group of workers who have proved themselves in the past, everyone tends to slip from time to time. And that’s especially true when they find it difficult to stay motivated. 

While there’s no one size fits all solution to keeping your call center agents motivated, these 12 tips will point you in the right direction. You never know when one tip will change the way your entire team performs. 

Let’s take a closer look at what you can do.

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1. Offer words of encouragement

It doesn’t cost you anything to offer words of encouragement to your call center agents. 

For example, if a particular agent is struggling to make sales, sit down with them to discuss their approach and give them a vote of confidence. A few words of encouragement may be all it takes to keep an agent motivated and help them reach their peak. 

Conversely, if they feel alone, their struggles may continue well into the future. 

2. Have an open-door policy

You may not be “on the floor” with call center agents at all times, but you should still make it known that you’re available to help. An open-door policy shows your agents that they can come to you at any time, regardless of what’s on their minds.

3. Supply them with high-quality leads

There will be times when your agents have to cold call, but that doesn’t have to hold true across the board day after day. 

There are many things you can do to supply them with high-quality leads. You can buy leads online. You can distribute leads generated via your website. 

4. Provide them with cold calling sales scripts

Do you have sales scripts that have been proven to close deals? Have you ever shared these with your call center agents? If not, you shouldn’t wait another day to do so. 

A proven sales script will instill confidence in your agents, and that goes a long way in keeping them motivated. 

5. Talk about how to overcome common sales objections

Even the best sales professionals face one objection after the next. It’s the nature of the industry. 

Common objections include:

  • Price objection
  • Priority objection
  • Authority objection
  • Competitor objection
  • Confused objection
  • Reputation objection
  • Dinosaur objection
  • Committee objection

Regularly talk with your agents about how to overcome common sales objections. 

The more they practice the easier it’ll become to shoot down objections and concerns. 

6. Help relieve their stress

Think about ways to relieve the stress associated with working as a call center agent. 

As you know, this line of work can be extremely stressful. It can cause overwhelming anxiety at times, thus making it difficult to remain motivated. 

To help with this, provide regular breaks, create a calming environment, and offer more time off. A stressed-out employee isn’t a motivated employee. 

7. Create a more inviting workspace

This goes along with point #6 above. A more inviting workspace will reduce stress and tension while keeping your agents motivated. Some ideas include:

  • Move away from the traditional call center setup 
  • Bring the workspace to life by painting the walls, hanging pictures, and adding artificial plants
  • Bring more natural light into the workspace, such as by opening blinds and moving objects that are blocking windows.

You don’t want your call center agents to feel like they’re working in a sterile environment. A more inviting workspace can reduce stress and boost motivation. 

8. Get personally involved

Make calls yourself. Ask your agents if it’s okay for you to sit in on a few of their calls. 

Actions speak louder than words, so don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. 

When your team sees you working hard — side by side with them — they’ll feel a greater sense of motivation. 

9. Provide opportunities for growth

Nothing motivates somebody more than the opportunity to move up the company ladder. Make it clear to all your call center agents that you plan to promote from within. This gives them something extra to strive for. Just make sure that you actually follow up on your promise. 

10. Give them access to the right tools and technology

There was a day when call center agents needed nothing more than a phone and piece of paper to do their job effectively (or at least effectively for that time). Today, that’s no longer the case. There are many types of tools and technology to boost productivity, enhance organizational skills, and better connect with prospects. For instance, CRM software can improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and decrease overhead costs. 

11. Understand what motivates each individual agent

Don’t treat every agent in your call center the same way. 

Instead, take the time to figure out and understand what motivates each individual agent. While one agent responds best to constructive criticism, another may require a “softer” approach. You won’t figure this out right away, but the sooner you do the better off you’ll be. 

12. Offer incentives and rewards 

Call center agents are well aware of how much money they make simply for showing up on the job. But if that’s the only incentive they have, motivation to perform could soon become a problem. 

Offer incentives and rewards to top performers. Ideas include cash for daily, weekly, and monthly top performers, gift cards for going above and beyond, and an employee-friendly commission and bonus structure. Nothing motivates people more than valuable incentives and rewards. 


It doesn’t matter what type of product your call center agents are selling, those who are highly motivated are the ones that will have the most success. 

With the help of the 12 tips above, you’ll find it easier to keep your agents motivated so that everyone wins in the end. 

If you need more leads to keep your agents motivated, you’re in the right place. We have the largest selection of aged leads anywhere on the internet. 

It won’t be long before your team has the leads they need to succeed.

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