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“Troy cares about his customers and offers great customer service. He never questions agents when they wish to return some leads, and he is always striving to deliver the best results. I am happy to recommend Troy to any agent looking to save money on leads and increase his/her overall conversion rate.”

Mark Seghers

Chief Business Development Officer
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“Troy Wilson manages with a sharp intellect, worldly experience, disciplined engineering skill and high business acumen. He provides stellar information in a timely fashion and always has his eye on innovation and progress. He is never complacent or satisfied with status quo. I recommend Troy as a trusted adviser and friend to be counted on in business and life.”

Kenneth Knapp

Senior Account Director, Wholesale and Carrier Solutions at Nitel
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“Troy Wilson and the Aged Lead Store go above and beyond what the traditional internet lead providers are doing to validate lead contact information … By offering a low cost option to expensive real-time internet leads, along with all the options and choices, Troy and his team are keeping aged internet leads relevant and affordable. Troy is a business leader of the highest integrity that cares about every single customer he services.”

Billy R. Williams

PhD – President, Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring
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Troy has been my go-to guy for years when it comes to aged insurance leads. With 24/7 instant online delivery, advanced lead validation, superior filtering, massive ongoing  volume, and very reasonable pricing, my agent friends and I have always been very happy with AgedLeadStore.

Mark Rosenthal

Rosenthal Financial Services
Why do so many Homeowners Insurance Agents use and trust Aged Lead Store?


Our aged leads come to you pre-validated, representing real people who have been shopping in-market for quotes in your vertical recently.


Get the prospects you want and none of the junk! Sort by State, Age, Risk Type, Phone Type, Zip Code or how recently they’ve been searching for insurance.


For a fraction of the cost of real-time live leads, keep your sales pipeline packed with pre-validated, opt-in responder leads from prospects looking for what you’re selling.


Aged Lead Store cares about our agents and their information. Credit card processing and lead distribution are handled in a secure, encrypted manner with no card storage.


We don’t just sell leads, we support you with a wealth of resources and strategies to build a complete sales system.


Our filtering allows you to target just the leads you want, with a self-service platform and a small minimum order. Download is instant!

A Personal Message from Aged Lead Store's Troy Wilson to Our Valued Agents


Hi! I’m Troy Wilson, Founder of

If you’re new to our store, welcome! If you’ve been here before, welcome back!

Insurance Agents have been calling, emailing, and direct mailing leads from my site for years, and with tremendous success.

Aged Lead Store leads have very few phone numbers on the federal DNC list, and our leads can be easily imported into most CRMS systems. In fact, our relationship with agents is so important to me, we will happily replace ANY leads that cannot, for whatever reason, be uploaded to your preferred system.

We don’t just want you to buy our leads – we want to support you in making more and better sales. Your success is our success, and helping Agents like YOU do business is why WE are in business…and why business is booming. So take a look around our site, browse our constantly replenished lead inventory, select the pre-validated, geo-targeted leads you want and fill your pipeline with better leads for less!

Happy Closing!

Troy Wilson

Founder & CEO – Aged Lead Store

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