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Building Trust Through Company Surveys and Client Problems

By Troy Wilson
Building Trust Through Company Surveys and Client Problems Feature Image
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Building Trust Through Company Surveys How important is trust to your sales strategy and lead generation success? Very. Beyond being the basis of your client relationship, trust helps your branding efforts, persuades prospects to choose you, and gains you recognition in your industry.

Customer surveys are a great way to collect data on client problems and company performance. Your business can then use that information to help solve hidden customer problems and tout your business’s best features. Here are four ways to put a customer survey to work for your brand.

Develop Trust in Your Brand

Are you the best provider in your market? The fastest? The one with the most long-term customers? You could make any such claim you feel to be true, but you’ll build far more trust if you have some data to back it up. Data from your customer satisfaction surveys will add weight to your brand’s claim.

Claims with specific figures — more than 50% of our customers have been with us for 5+ years, our customers save an average of 10%, we have a 98% approval rate, etc. — help build instant trust in your brand. The numbers will do the hard work of convincing prospects for you. You don’t have to say you’re the best, because you can show them.

Improve Your Call Scripts

Call scripts have to be persuasive. From the language you use, to creating memorable narratives, you have many tools to convert your leads. But don’t forget that hard numbers and key statistics also help persuade. Use survey data to make your call scripts even better. Pepper important numbers into your main scripts for added effect, or save them for answering a prospect’s sales objections when they come up.

If you use a sales team in your business, they will likely thank you when you add persuasive data to their scripts. One survey found 82% of sales reps are underprepared according to their decision makers. The better prepared your team is, the more confidence they’ll project, the more prospects will trust them, and the better their sales numbers will be.

Reveal Common Client Problems

Clients and potential clients often don’t realize when they have a problem. There’s plenty of reason for this. Because they may not discuss such things with other industry customers, they’re in the dark about their current solution’s problems, their unaddressed needs, or their potential to save more.

A client survey can shed light on problems that many clients in the industry experience. It can prompt a prospect suffering from the same issue seek out a solution. And whoever brought the issue to light will have a great opportunity to sell a solution. It’s yet another unexpected way your survey could create trust with prospects.  

Become a Go-To Expert

Imagine you conduct a unique survey that sheds light on industry products and services or client problems. A great survey like that could turn you into a trustworthy, go-to expert. Your survey results could potentially be spread far and wide by competitors blogging about the industry, by a government or nonprofit group reporting on the issue, or by a news story seen by hundreds of thousands of people.

Your brand is now building trust with prospects through the actions of others. Customers tend to see such citations by big, credible sources as an endorsement of your brand. This can build even more trust in your brand, not only with current customers, but with new prospects, too.

Put Surveys to Work for You

While it’s true that surveys aren’t the most exciting part of business, they serve an important function. The trick to building trust with survey data is in how you use it. Look for patterns in the data that reflect positively on your company. Consider if many customers may face the same issue. Identify what clients find most important and focus on how your offerings meet the need. Use surveys effectively and you’ll find client and prospect trust in your brand goes up.

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Troy is the CEO and founder of Aged Lead Store. He has been in the lead generation industry for over two decades. His blog posts focus on how to refine your sales process and get the most out of your insurance leads, mortgage leads, and solar leads.

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