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Why People Switch from One Car Insurance to Another

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read

Most people looking for car insurance online are not buying their first insurance policies. Quite the contrary, they are usually already carrying some type of auto insurance, but they’re not satisfied with it or it no longer meets their needs.

Knowing the most common reasons why drivers switch from one insurance agency to another can help you convert your auto insurance leads and keep your new clients happy with carefully planned customer relationship management, or CRM.

Poor Customer Service

The most common reason given by people who want to switch car insurance policies is poor customer service. They complain that it’s difficult to reach a live person when they call with a claim or with questions about their policies. Many also object to the extensive phone menus used by many car insurance agencies. If you can guarantee your prospects that they won’t have to jump through hoops to speak to a live human being, you’ve got a good chance of making your sale.

Expensive Rates

Many drivers start looking for new plans if the cost of their old insurance policy increases sharply or if they see another company advertising lower rates for the same coverage. You can help keep your clients from wandering to another provider by offering to review their policy with them in person or over the phone each time it comes up for renewal. You may be able to spot savings that would never have occurred to the client.

Bundling Discounts

Most first-time purchasers of car insurance do not need to carry any other type of insurance plan. As they grow older, rent their first apartment, buy their first house or purchase their first life insurance policy, though, bundling two policies together to save money suddenly begins to make sense. You can help increase your sales by keeping your auto insurance leads informed of all the other types of policies your agency handles and suggesting bundling yourself if they don’t ask about it first.


Each state has its own laws about the minimum liability insurance a driver must carry. People often switch providers when they move from one state to another. If you work for an agency that has offices in several states, let your clients know that you can help them transfer their coverage.

Drivers can be choosy when it comes to car insurance. If you can give them the time and attention to ensure that they’re getting the best deal, you’ll have a much better chance of converting your auto insurance leads and of keeping your auto insurance clients.

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