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Why Insurance Companies Need Google+

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read

Google+ For Insurance AgentsIf you’re like most insurance companies, you probably have social media accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and perhaps a few of their smaller competitors as well. Do you really need to open another account?

If that account you’re thinking of creating is Google+, the answer is a resounding yes. Google’s new social media behemoth can do things for you that no other platform can do quite as well.

Improve Your Google Search Engine Results

It’s no secret that Google gives preferential treatment to its own platform. This means that any insurance-related posts you make to your Google account are more likely to pop up in Google searches. That in itself won’t necessarily make your insurance company a success, but if the content you post is relevant, meaningful and interesting, a high search engine ranking can be a terrific way to catch the eye of prospects who are looking for the products you are selling.

Lead Generation

Google+ is also a terrific tool for driving leads to your website. Whenever you post a link, image, or comment to your Google page, you can provide a back link leading to the landing page of your business website. This allows prospects who like what you have to say to connect with you instantly rather than having to hunt through your profile to find your website address. Of course, instant accessibility doesn’t ensure success any more than a high search engine ranking does. You have to have the staff available to respond quickly to questions, comments, and requests for follow-up calls. The faster and more thorough your follow-up is, the more leads you can expect to convert.

The Right Message to the Right Audience

Google+ allows you to sort your followers into groups, or circles, and to target messages specifically to each group. For instance, your circles might include “new leads,” “lead nurturing” and “existing clients.” Each time you post, take a minute to ask yourself which of your circles would get the most benefit from the information you are providing. A post about the terrific rates you are offering to new clients, for example, would probably be of great interest to new leads and leads that are in the nurturing process, but it would not be of much interest to those who are already clients.

If you’re looking for a great way to improve your search results, boost lead generation, and tailor messages to certain subsets of followers, Google’s new social media platform is a good choice for your insurance company.

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Troy is the CEO and founder of Aged Lead Store. He has been in the lead generation industry for over two decades. His blog posts focus on how to refine your sales process and get the most out of your insurance leads, mortgage leads, and solar leads.

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