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What Your Sales Team Should Know About Gmail and Rapportive Integration

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read
G-mail Rapportive - Next Wave Marketing Strategies

G-mail Rapportive - Next Wave Marketing Strategies

Rapportive is a Gmail contact add-on, acquired by social media giant LinkedIn in February of 2012, that automatically looks up and displays information on anybody who sends an email to your Gmail account. The information is displayed in your inbox and includes pictures of your contact and his or her physical location, LinkedIn profile, and recent social media activity. The company reports looking up information on about 20 million contacts per month. There is also a box that allows you to add comments about your contact such as family member names or information you want to remember to share at a later time.

Rapportive: A Handy Tool for Customer Relationship Management

As a sales professional, you want your staff to remember as much as possible about each contact, but trying to keep track of dozens or hundreds of prospects mentally is all but impossible. Paper systems are bulky and you can’t carry them with you wherever you go. Even information recorded on your computer may not be available at the second you need it – for instance, if you’re using a laptop or a colleague’s computer to check and respond to messages.

When you use this contact add-on, the information is always in your inbox and always current. You can also take advantage of additional benefits. The information provided, for instance, will allow your sales staff to invite prospects to connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Additional contact with prospects allows them to become familiar with you and your company and increases the chance of a sale.

You can also remind your staff to increase sales awareness by checking a contact’s recent Tweets and Facebook activity. Your staff can then engage the prospect by mentioning shared interests, such as a favorite restaurant, a much-loved book, or a hometown sports team. When your sales staff makes the effort to add a few words to personalize emails, the prospect feels like a valued individual instead of one of many potential customers.

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Excellent Customer Reviews

Rapportive has received excellent reviews from customers who claim that it works quickly and efficiently without slowing their Gmail account. It is compatible with Google Chrome, Rockmelt, Flock, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari 5, and Mailplane (Mac). Unfortunately, as of May of 2012, it is not compatible with much-used browser, Windows Explorer.

Increase sales awareness in your agency by encouraging the use of this helpful contact add-on.

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