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Web Design & Sales – Are Your Website Call-to-Action Colors Driving You Business?

By Troy Wilson
Web Design & Sales – Are Your Website Call-to-Action Colors Driving You Business? Feature Image
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Website Call-to-Action ColorsQuick — what’s the most important element on your business website? I hope some of you said your call to action button. Here’s why.

While brand names, logos, and telephone numbers may be up there, nothing may be more important for your website than your call-to-action button. You can’t hope to convert web users without one — whether your CTA asks users to “buy now,” “sign up,” or “learn more.” The conversion is the whole point of having a business website in some industries.

Still, too many business websites drop the ball on this front, with bad call to action colors or design part of the problem. Here are some design tips to chew on when it comes to your CTA. The right combination could be just what you need to drive business.

Button Colors

Color plays a larger role in the success of a website CTA offer than many people realize. Not only do coordinating colors or contrasting colors orient your visitors on your web page, but colors also elicit specific emotions in prospects. Getting the right emotion for the right sales offer comes down to color.

Red: It’s one of the most popular colors for call to action buttons for a reason. A red CTA is energetic, attention grabbing, and creates urgency.

Blue: Blue is another very popular CTA color. Blue CTAs appear trustworthy, dependable, secure, responsible, smart, and precise.

Green: It’s almost as popular as blue but evokes different emotions for viewers. Green CTAs can denote freshness and health, with darker green shades signaling wealth.

Orange: Another popular button color, orange CTAs tell prospects your brand is cool, fun, or cutting edge. It works very well for buttons in the field asking users to buy, sell, or subscribe.

While these colors are some of the most popular for CTAs, they’re not your only options. You could also successfully use yellow, purple, pink, brown, black, and white call to action button colors depending on your needs.

Colors in Context

Of course, the reality is that you can’t just pick your favorite color button and call it a day. If you couldn’t tell, I happen to like the color red. But notice the submit button for our contact form on the sidebar here is black.

There’s already plenty of red on The Aged Lead Store. The black submit button gives a big contrast that stands out because it’s different.

An article from top design site Smashing Magazine recommends having a call to action button that has a high contrast relative to what else is on the page. They point out this helps users notice your call to action — which is critical.

Smashing Magazine also details how colors can complement other elements, like logos or text. If your website has multiple calls to action, you may need to create a hierarchy of what button is more important and color each accordingly. The same article notes there are actually a few cases where multiple CTAs can be similar colors and work well together.

Other Button Features

Finally, don’t get too bogged down with color that you can’t “see the forest for the trees.” Other button attributes matter, too.

Button size should be substantial for an important CTA. It should be big enough, relative to other page elements, to grab a visitor’s attention, but not so large that it becomes overbearing.

Where you place a button on the page is also important. It could be in its own emphasized corner of the website, at the top, or centered on the page. The right answer will vary based on your specifics needs.

Giving your CTA button some breathing room, called whitespace in design-speak, can also help distinguish your offer on the page.

As you can see, there’s a lot to think about when choosing the color and design of your call to action buttons. The right CTA color and design can drive more business to your site. Take a look around the web, and you’ll find plenty of case studies and advice pieces, like this one from ConversionXL.

If you are thinking about changing your button color or design, consult with a professional web designer. They can help you choose not only the right color but advise you on placement and other design aspects of your call to action.

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