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3 Ways to Reduce Prospect Indecisiveness

By Troy Wilson
3 Ways to Reduce Prospect Indecisiveness Feature Image
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Think about the last time you were at the eye doctor’s office getting your vision checked. “Which is better: one or two? Now which is better: a or b?” It’s a series of very simple choices that helps cut down on indecisiveness and find you the perfect eyeglasses prescription.

Now think about what would happen if the optometrist just lets you have at all the dials and switches on that phoropter equipment yourself! You’d probably be lost trying to make a very difficult decision on your own.

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We’re all indecisive to some degree, particularly when the options and variables are complex. That’s certainly the case with insurance, which is a very complex product as far as even the best aged leads are concerned. Part of the job of the insurance agent then is to help the prospect through the process of deciding, not unlike the optometrist helping you pick the right prescription.

Learning how to manage and guide an indecisive prospect is one of the best insurance sales techniques you can learn. Here are three ways to help an indecisive prospect.

Offer Fewer Choices

For most insurance customers, seeing a full rate sheet with all of the coverage levels, variables, and premiums would be paralyzing. Even a half-dozen or so options served up — any one of which would meet the stated needs of your prospect — would lead to a massive case of indecisiveness. It’s just too much to deal with.

But think back to your optometrist. You only get two options at a time. Usually, he gives them functional names like “option one” and “option two,” but the name doesn’t matter as much as the limited selection of choices.

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Of course, these aren’t the only choices available, and you, sitting before all those dials and switches on the phoropter equipment are probably aware of this. There are always more choices if neither of the two offered is the right choice. But the limitation helps you, the customer, focus.

Another consideration: after you’ve chosen between “option one” and “option two,” you have a new choice offered — “option a” or “option b.” The examination continues like this until you have cycled through all the options and the final result is a crisp, clear eye chart.

There’s much you can learn from this for your insurance consultations. You can start out with two or three basic options, and, based on the choices of your prospect, refine your recommendations until you reach a suitable product offering. Your prospect can always go back and revise his choices, ask questions, or compare another set of options. But the sales process has eliminated some unworkable options he no longer has to consider.  

Let Them Pick

Another smart tactic of the optometrist is the way he lets you, the customer, pick. It’s not what he, the professional, thinks you should choose, but what you, the customer thinks you should choose. This helps you buy into the process of finding the right vision prescription to meet your needs.

Even indecisive people enjoy the process of making their pick. The only problem comes when the variety of choices is too overwhelming. But the feeling of making a choice is satisfying, and gives people a sense of control over their lives and destinies, even if they’re aware they still may be flying blind.

This has to do with the trap of insightful selection. As Seth Godin explains, you can’t tell which one of the 100 or more quarts of strawberries at your local farmer’s market is the best one. You can’t see all the berries in the package, so you don’t know if the berries underneath are as good as the ripe ones on top. Nonetheless, the vendor lets you make your own choice.

Insurance doesn’t have much in common with farmer’s market strawberries, but there’s still something we can take away here. Customers of all sorts like the feeling of being involved in the decision-making process. It gives them confidence and satisfaction in the product, as well as an overall sense of control over their lives. Don’t take that away from your prospects.

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Support Their Choice

There’s one final lesson we can learn from both the optometrist and the farmer’s market. And that is the importance of supporting the choice of the customer. You wouldn’t criticize the choice any customer has just made as either insufficient or overkill. After all, you offered them that choice in the first place.

The farmer’s market vendor has grown and packaged all the strawberries. He knows any of the packages will be a good choice for you. But still, he’ll often compliment your selection and wrap it up for you.

It’s a similar case with the optometrist. He knows the ballpark prescription that should help you achieve the best vision. Any particular choice you make in this area will give you a good result. And yet, he still supports your choice as the absolute best of all the possible, workable choices.

This is something us insurance sales professionals can learn from. Through our sales presentations, our experience and knowledge, and our consultation with the prospect, we can determine a limited range of products that should work well for the needs of this particular prospect. Nonetheless, when it’s time to make the final decision, we can wholeheartedly support his pick. This kind of validation goes a long way.

Final Thoughts

If you’re dealing with indecisive prospects in your insurance business, the problem may not always be cold feet. They may just have too many choices to pick from, which has left them overwhelmed. You can help your less confident prospects make a decision that will both satisfy and meet their needs. It starts with simple steps: reduce the number of choices to something more manageable, empower the customer in the decision-making process, and compliment their selection at the end. If you can master these insurance sales techniques, you’ll be far ahead of the game. You’ll also have options in the healthcare and farming industries if you decide to switch careers one day.

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