Warm Up Cold Leads: How to Bring Aged Leads Back from the Dead

In today’s post we talk about how to turn cold leads into warm calls and emails. In this sales training, we give you a framework to warm up even the coldest leads. Let’s get started! 

What are aged leads? What are we talking about?

  1. Aged Internet leads
  2. Acquired book of business
  3. Old leads sitting around in your company’s CRM
  4. Past clients

Framework for warming up old leads

  1. Get on your aged leads’ radar
  3. Research past notes and conversations in your CRM
  4. Don’t corner your prospects (Hubspot)
  5. Be personal and send our feelers (content, invite – webinar, value)
  6. Get a soft close early (Email click-through, re-subscribe, download)
  7. Give them some indicative pricing (many cold leads are fearful)
  8. Discuss what changed
  9. Demonstrate some urgency

Examples of aged lead marketing

  • Custom audiences: Facebook and Linkedin
  • Re-acquisition: Email or Groups – Facebook and Linkedin
  • Direct mail – old school
  • Consult your TCPA attorney: Text messaging and ringless voicemail drops

Get Aged Internet Leads
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Bill Rice is the Founder & CEO of Kaleidico, a lead generation agency. Bill specializes in mortgage marketing, legal marketing, lead management, and sales automation.