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Using Twitter with Your Debt Customers

By Troy Wilson
2 minute read
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Twitter is becoming one of the best marketing tools for any small business. As a result it has real potential for businesses with a very large potential market, like debt. Statistics indicate that a large percentage representing a growing segment of Americans are experiencing significant debt problems. Those people are on Twitter and other social media-looking for answers.

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Unfortunately, most of the debt folks that I see using Twitter are going about it in all the wrong way. They are blasting their network with spam and actively broadcasting debt-counseling offers. Most Twitter users will immediately reject this approach and you will see your unfollow rate skyrocket.

Here is a much better plan:

1.    Be a consumer advocate. Share links and information about how consumers can protect themselves from unfair debt practices. Government sites are full of good resources and referencing a government resource will never be regarded as spam.
2.    Introduce your followers to other debt related websites and blogs. There are a lot of non-competitive sites that will build trust and add value to your prospective clients. I recommend some of the personal blogs of people that are talking about their journey out of debt.
3.    Ask questions or offer quick tips. The add value first approach always works well in social media. It shows that you are sincerely interested in their success and willing to give something for free to prove that point.
4.    Tell them what you do. Everyone understands that a person needs to make a living and business helps to pay for you being so helpful. So, don’t forget to occasionally tell them that you are a debt counselor and are willing to help anyone that needs your services. People won’t mind and may even appreciate the occasional “word from the sponsor.”

Twitter is a pretty friendly and gracious community still. People go there looking for services and are willing to tolerate a fair amount of self-promotion as long as you are regularly contributing value.

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