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Using Google’s My Maps to Home Visit Leads

By Troy Wilson
Using Google’s My Maps to Home Visit Leads Feature Image
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Many times, great sales professionals think up their own innovative strategies. The path less traveledcan lead to even more than adventure or enlightenment. Sometimes, a unique strategy can lead to great business opportunities. It’s worth asking: What opportunities are sitting right in front of you? Here’s one example with aged leads that might inspire you.

Going High Tech With Home Visit Leads

Recently, I talked to a life insurance final expense agent from Texas. We spoke for nearly an hour, and he shared with me his truly innovative strategy for working home visit leads. It’s both old fashioned and high tech.

This agent buys batches of 2500 aged life insurance leads from our Aged Lead Store. For his purposes, he prefers leads that are 86 to 1500 days old. Next, he imports his new lead supply directly into Google’s personalized My Maps application. No extra formatting or data manipulation is necessary. In an instant, 2500 pins are created on a saved map that he can drive to.

This application is great, because when you click on one of these map pins, all the lead info pops up. It can be edited on the fly, you can add notes after visiting with a lead, and you can even color-code your pins if you want to segment your list.

Finding Solutions to Common Problems

While home visiting leads is an old form of sales work, there’s nothing low tech about this strategy. Using Google Maps makes for a better use of time. An agent is able to focus on one area of town with several leads and map a route without driving back and forth across town.

It’s also worth pointing out that home visiting leads sidesteps many of the modern sales limitations. Email spam laws, and the TCPA and Do-Not-Call telecom regulations don’t apply when you walk up and ring the doorbell. Plus, in this line of sales, seniors are often home and more amenable to visitors and face-to-face meetings. This can lead to a really high closing rate under the right circumstances — not to mention, with a great relationship, these face-to-face leads can also lead to a large number of referrals. Such circumstances can lead to a lot of sales success while sidestepping a good deal of the common sales problems.

Using My Maps in Your Business

So what should you do if you’re interested in using My Maps in your own sales work? First, you need a supply of leads, like those available at the Aged Lead Store. You’ll use the lead data to populate the pins on your map.

That data needs to be formatted into a CSV, TSV, KML, KMZ, GPX, or XLSX file format, or as a Google Sheet. The application takes up to 2000 rows, or 2000 leads, in this case, per file. Each map layer only holds one file, however, multiple layers, and files, can be added to the same map.

Once your data is uploaded to your map, you can customize its appearance for easier use. Custom color-coding, styling, and labelling are all possible. Additional map pins can also be added to your map at will.

After that, your map is ready to use for your sales work. How you use the data and the application at this point will be up to you.

Remember, whatever sales tactics and strategies you use, they need to be tailored to your purposes. My final expense agent friend has been successful with this method because it suits his sales style, his customer base, and his long-term strategy perfectly. You’ll have to make sure your My Maps strategy does the same for you to see the best results. Regardless of whether you use this map app, keep an eye out for how you can distinguish your sales strategy from that of the competition. Look for what you can do to solve those classic sales difficulties we all have to navigate. If you find an innovative solution, people may one day be complimenting your strategy.

Ready to try home visits with a new batch of leads? Consider filling up your pipeline with high-quality leads from the Aged Lead Store. You’ll find thousands of high-quality sortable aged leads that are ready to go, whether your business is auto, life, health, or home insurance, mortgage refinance, or solar installation.

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