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Why Try Uninsurable Health Leads?

By Troy Wilson
2 minute read
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You would think that insurance is inherently a business of…well…insurance. You know something that you get just in case the unthinkable happens.

Of course, anyone reading this that’s been in the business for any length of time is chuckling a bit to themselves. We know that insurance is more often than not a business of emergencies. A business of getting insurance when the unforeseen has already happened or is inevitable.

Simply put, most people look for insurance precisely when they are uninsurable.

It’s a fact of the market. And despite their poor planning, lack of education, or unfortunate life situation; they need your help. If you can write this business or have acceptable alternatives for these folks you can provide a valuable service and help a lot of grateful people.

What makes uninsurable health leads a smart segment of leads to integrate into your business?

1. Uninsurable health leads are people that need an alternative – Most importantly uninsurable health insurance prospects need viable alternatives. They have run up against unexpected health events and need some form of coverage or assistance. This could be a health discount card, plan, or savings account.


2. Uninsurable health leads are often nearly exclusive – As you might expect, these are people often hard to find health solutions for or have been already turned down. That is a big benefit to those who can find alternative health coverage solutions for them. They become exclusive health insurance leads.

3. Uninsurable health leads are often cheaper – Finally, the big bonus is that since the market is smaller and harder to write this health insurance lead category tends to be cheaper.

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