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Turn Off the TV–Read to Learn

By Troy Wilson
2 minute read
Seth Godin Books
Image by Andrew* via Flickr

Seth Godin once again challenges us to think. He leads with, “Why did you stop educating yourself when you graduated?

He gives us an answer too:

“Books remind us of school, of chores, of homework. Give someone a DVD of a hit movie currently in the theaters and they’ll eagerly thank you and watch it that weekend. Give them a book and it’s a whole commotion. “I read that book!” they brag to you next week, when maybe they didn’t really.”

Unlike television or movies, which are passive experiences–books engage our mind differently. They drive us to think, imagine, and derive. Reading invokes us to learn and try new things.


Here are a few of my recent favorite business books:

Want to consume a lot more of the top business books quickly? Check out the Top 100 Business Books.

So, what was the last book you read? And, what did you learn?

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